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    We have this problem x2!! My wife and I both now have terrible battery life on our iPhone5's since iOS6.1. Don't they test this stuff before releasing it? Between the comments I see on here, news releases and face-book it seems this is a huge problem affecting nearly everyone. Apple, please comment!! Don't just ignore us, this is a big deal!! When can we expect a fix? I do not have time for this or any more iPhone 5 problems...!


    I have reset and restored my phone twice and my wife's once, both are still loosing battery rapidly with very little use. My phone has been left alone on the counter and not used at all today and it lost 60% from 8:00am to 3:45pm (starting with a full all night charge). My wife's phone, same story... Before iOS 6.1 we were getting full day use of our phones with plenty of battery to spare (In a normal work day I typically consumed about 40% by the end of the day. Yesterday I had to survive on my charger with minimal use)

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    One thing I have noticed is that whenever I am in any of the "phone" functions (phone app is open) such as making a call, recents, keypad, contacts, voicemeail, etc... I see the "spinning wheel" at the top of the screen. I don't think this is normal. At least I have never noticed it spinning non-stop in the past 4 years I have had iPhones... I don't know the cause or solution. Just an observation. The phone is obviously doing somthing extra while in phone mode. This is noticable on both of our iPhone 5's.


    Apple products are going downhill fast, there is no quality control like there used to be. While typing this my iMac crashed and restarted it self! 3rd time today! (story for another day..) I used to brag about Apple products being so perfect. I have literally sold friends on Apple products and how great they are and now that they have bought them they are calling me asking how to fix all these problems!

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    I'm having the same issue with my iPhone 4S after upgrading iOS 6.0.1 to iOS 6.1! Battery is drained like **** - 5% after 15 minutes standby, 20% after 30 minutes of usage. Tried to restore - didn't help.

    What the f*** is going on with Apple? It's becoming even worse than Microsoft at a 2x price!

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    brrizzo... I am having the same problem as you with the super high data useage.  I usually use very little data each month as I am probably connected to WiFi 90% of the time.  My data usage per month is usually about 0.2GB.  In just the last 3 days apparently I've used 1GB.  I haven't been using my phone much in this time but for some reason its using data like crazy.  It seems the "Sent" data is way higher than the "received" data, which doesn't really make sense.  The only think that has changed with my phone in the last few days is updating to iOS 6.1, so that has to be the problem.  My phone worked fine before that.


    Also, it doesnt seem to be the same issue that iPhones were experiencing before, where cellular data was being used when connected to WiFi.  My phone is not registering any cellular data when I am connected to WiFi.  But as soon as I'm on 3G/LTE it starts using cellular data like crazy.


    I'm suprised I haven't heard more people complain about this but it may be that people just haven't noticed how much data their phone is using, because they haven't gotten their electric bill yet.


    Not sure if it matters but Verizon is my carrier.  Hoping this issues is resolved soon.  I'm having to turn off my cellular data completely and just use WiFi (defeats the point of a smart phone).

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    All these freaking complaints about battery drainage is pretty pathetic, seriously.... All of you must have ya **** brightness beaming up the a** really though. You all must be tripping on some heavy stuff. I've never had any problems since the day I bought and updated, to iOS 6.1, my iPhone 5. Since iOS 6.1, my iPhone's been lasting 2 Days on the daily with the usage ranging from 9 - 15 hours. Yall need to recheck yourselfs because you're the only one who's causing your iPhone's battery to drain all stupid dumb ...








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    You honestly think that the simple fact that you are not experiencing this issue means this issue doesn't exist? Interesting.


    As someone who has upgraded to 6.1, experienced massive increase in heat and diminishment in battery life without any change in phone usage etc, I know it is as a result of the upgrade. That was the only change, and the impact was almost immediate.


    I also know that it is possible to reinstall 6.1 using the restore function, and restore all the same settings and fix the issue. I know this is the case because it happened for me. Will it fix every phone suffering this issue? It appears not.


    Nevertheless, to ensure there is no confusion:

    • My phone settings were unchanged before and after the upgrade - and yet battery life went from about 24 hours to 5 hours!
    • I do not have my screen brightness on max
    • My phone screen was in fact not on at all when I lost 75% battery in 3 hours while idle
    • My email is not set on push
    • I did not have any gps app hooked in


    So, just as the fact you do not have wings does not mean birds don't fly, so too the fact your phone didn't have this issue doesn't mean others' phones don't.

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    I agree S0sullivan, I have done the same procedures and I have done similar settings. I keep my brightness very low ""Mr.42WENTY"". Obviously there is a problem if OVER 9,000 people have looked into this discussion.

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    Even my iphone loosing its battery in 6 to 7 hours and i have problem with my celluar data sometimes it get down and nothing will work and my phone also struck 6.1 version is not good

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    I never had problems with my iPhone 5 until the 6.1 upgrade. I used to get 12-14 hrs of usage with 30-40% battery left at he end of the day. The day I upgraded, battery drained in less than 3 hrs. Now it drains within 5-6 hrs. Battery drain is not consistent, but still very poor after the 6.1 update. Obviously Apple messed up the update. Hope they fix the issue soon, otherwise they will have lot of unhappy loyal customers.

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    I too went from 100% to complete shutdown in 2 hours. . .  no phone calls, two text messages in that period of time. *** Apple?

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    I truly hope the company isn't going how it went the 1st time Teh Steve left, because this time he can't come back!


    Regarding the continuous data usage - could it be diagnostics data? In Settings/General/About scroll down and go into the Diagnostics page. At the bottom is a link to bring up the list with past reports - is it full with logs sent since the update? Does the drain decrease when automatic sending is switched off?

    I was surprised to find lots of low-memory ligs there (mostly for Chrome), I'd rarely noticed anything I'd have associated to such an issue (app crashed only twice on me)

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    FWIW, I have an 64 gig, AT&T iPhone 4S and have upgraded

    to 6.1 and have no degredation in battery performance vs.

    pre-update.  Personally, I have never had battery issues even

    back to my iPod Touch 3g with updates.  Perhaps it is my update

    methodology, which won't help now but may with future updates.

    here it is:


    1.  Connect to iTunes via USB and when prompted

          about the update download only.

    2.  Wait for the download to complete and then procede

          with the sync/backup.

    3.  Disconnect the iPhone.

    4.  Wake it and close all open apps.

    5.  It may or may not help, but I do a reboot at this point.

          With all apps closed, it could be flushing all temp data.

    6.  Plug in then let iTunes do its thing with the update.

    7.  Then eject the iPhone and do a full power down and

          then restart.


    I have followed this method for a long time and have had

    no issues with updates causing any problems. 

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    Had the same problem as the rest og you. Have a 4s 32 gb, just upgraded to 6.1' and battery was drained from fully charged to 0% in 8 hours. I installed Battery Doctor app and noticed that the cpu load was between 13 and 20%, which seems pretty high!? but I have nothing to compare it against.


    I then put the phone in flight mode, and back again. I also shifted to manual selection of network carrier, and back to automatic.


    I noticed that cpu load is now down to less than 3%!! and it seems to hold the battery better.


    Im only guessing, but maybe there is a "problem" if your carrier does not support LTE? Mine doesnt anyway... and a "better" support for LTE was part for the udgrade as I understand it... That could perhabs explain why some have a draining issue, and som dont... Anyway, just sharing my experience, hope some may find it helpfull"

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    I had the same problem (AT&T iPhone 5), I installed ios 6.1 OTA and had the battery drain issue as well as the Cellular Data Usage issue.

    I first tried the "Reset Network Settings" solution offered up by many posters, but saw no improvement. I then went to Settings>Reset>Erase All Content And Settings and Erased my phone completely. Keep in mind that my phone does an auto backup to the cloud alomost daily. I then restored from the most recent backup and both issues were solved.

    I've read some posts from people who have said this didnt work for them, but it worked for me. If you have a backup, it's worth a try.

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    I have this particular problem affecting my battery:


    does anyone has this issue?

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