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  • 3lite Level 1 (0 points)

    If I delet all of my email accounts... do I have to manually re-add them one by one, username+password for each account???

  • Builder1 Level 1 (10 points)

    Yes 3lite, but if you have your passwords handy, it should be pretty easy. I had 5 email accounts on my phone and it only took a minute or two to add them all back in. I have an iCloud and 4 Gmail accounts and they all were easy to add back on and all the old emails popped right back onto the phone...

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    Deleting the email accounts actually works???  How did you do it? Delete all email accounts and just add them back? Or do I have to wait for some time before adding them back?  Thanks!

  • Builder1 Level 1 (10 points)

    It worked for me. I'm not an expert but it must have something to do with how email was connecting to the network..? All I can say is I deleted all email account last night and after a full all night charge my phone was great today.


    1.Delete all email accounts

    2.Re-boot phone

    3.Add email accounts back to phone.


    I would then recharge to 100% over night...


    I hope it works for you!

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    What happened to the last page(13)?  Can't access it anymore.  Anyway, I deleted all my e-mail accounts including icloud.  So I wait until I recharge to see the results?  If apple techs are monitoring these forums, then why don't release any kind of statement to the public, even just to appease the customers.  Please try to understand and be sensitive to our feelings.  We bought your products using our hard earned money, and supported the company.  I like your products so much I even promote it for free. It is the least you can do to your customers.  Maybe it is time to call Steve Jobs back down....

  • billkesh Level 1 (0 points)

    The saga continues for me.  After running great for nearly a day after the Exchange fix I mentioned earlier, it started acting up again.  It is still Exchange related.  Exchange started sending me calendar notifications over and over for the same meeting (the one I was attending at the time).  My CPU usage was up to 25%, even though I wasn't doing anything.  It was Exchange churning away in the background trying to desparately send me notifications for this meeting.


    I turned off push notifications for Exchange, and switched to fetch every 15 minutes.  That seemed to calm it down.  I think it is still burning a bit more power than normal.  Looks like I will need to belly up to the Genious Bar again..


    Some kind of incompatibility between Exchange and ios 6.1, at least the way I have my phone configured.  Strange that my buddy at work is having no problems at all, and he is connected to Exchange as well.  I will have to compare settings with him.  He also has an iphone5, same as me.  In fact we bought them within days of each other.


    Anyway, this is unacceptable.  Needs to be fixed.  I'll update the thread if there is a new development, but it may be a couple days before I take it back.  I may even consider doing one of the more exotic fixes, although it seems like a witchcraft procedure.  What am I supposed to chant while doing that?  :-)


    No offense meant, just a joke.  It might be good to explain what you think those particular set of steps accomplish, though.  The reasoning behind it.

  • Dj_2 Level 1 (0 points)

    After trying multiple suggestions on here I bit the bullet, plugged my phone into iTunes, backed it up, restored my phone to factory settings and restored the device. I  running Exchange with push enabled and I have 56% batter left after being unplugged for 17 hours, mild phone use and being on email all day. Prior to this my phone would die sitting on my desk for 6 hours without using it. I hope this keeps working and helps others with the same ridiculous problem.

  • baloonazar Level 1 (0 points)

    This definitely seems to be a cellular data issue. I've restored my phone deleted email accounts and reset network settings. But I seemed to notice something yesterday I reset my network settings but this time I didn't enter my apn settings and what do you know the battery is perfectly fine. So for some reason something is being used to do something though the data. But I don't see my data usage going up any. I'll cut off my cellular data and see how that goes with out deleting the apn. But like the rest of you I'm getting sick of always having to do something to get this phone to work how it already should. Oh yeah iphone 5 6.1

  • Rune Alleslev Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok, perhaps I was too quick here... iPad2 battery still working fine (after resetting network settings, at 89% three days into standby). However, I can't access Gmail/Exchange and Company Exchange anymore!?


    Iphone5 is a total different matter. Worked like a charm for two days, and since yesterday the battery life changes dramatically after each recharge. Sometimes almost no battery drain and then suddenly it heats up and goes all crazy.


    Remember; already tested at Apple support with hardware reset and complete reinstall from iTunes. Did network reset and removed Exchange accounts (so using Gmail app and company mail is now only on company phone (WP7.5).


    Next solution is my carrier who sold me the iPhone. If they can't fix I have legal rights to demand a replacement.


    Too bad it had to come to this...

  • hg-uk Level 1 (0 points)

    Why delete all email accounts?? When you can just turn off the auto update for them, hence check for new mail manually via settings>mail>fetch new data> turn 'push' off, choose 'manually', then in advanced settings click each mail account and choise 'manually', "push" must be turned off otherwise it will send new mail from the server as each new mail is recieved!

  • mandipcreative Level 1 (0 points)

    I have iphone 4s


    As per all your suggession


    I tried all


    Network Reset

    Reset All Setting

    Disable : Siri - Location Service - Delete Email Accounts - EVERYTHING!!!


    At last I have restore 6.1 via ITUNES.  Nothing happen same as before every 2-3 min. i lost 1%....


    Apple will not looking these and it will loose major customers.... Somebody please resolved this issue...

  • avdv Level 1 (0 points)

    I would suggest this is an email query issue. Upgraded to 6.1 and like all of you, saw my battery last 4-5 hours tops. iPhone 5.


    Last night, after reading these threads, I ventured to remove only my exchange email account. But the ios software elected to remove all 4 email accounts setup here (that was a nice bug apple)


    So restated the phone, Re entered all email accounts and went to bed, without charging and on airplane mode with 7% left. 8 hours later, alarm went off, got up with 4% left, phone isn't overheating and back to normal.


    Hope this helps.

  • ApteryxMAC Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here, iPhone 5 upgraded to iOS 6.1.

    Before the upgrade the battey was lasting really good, even two days with modeate 3G use on data.

    After, it drained 1% every two minutes or even more, but i tried a restore from backup.


    Now it seems to be back to normal rate, I'll let you know. About other "things" happened in this hours, how many between you have installed this "new software" ?

  • tedya Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, I am also having the same exact problem as everyone else.

    Battery will drain at roughly 1% or 2% every minute and my phone remains warm.  I have been to the Genius Bar and the guy just installed Carat and said to come back in a week. Really?  I have restored as new phone through iTunes twice now and each time the problem comes back. So today after my battery went from 100% down to 78% in just over 30 minutes with ZERO usage, I deleted my Exchange email account and then power-cycled the phone via power button/home button method. Battery seems to be holding like expected now.


    Like many others have suggested, I would have to think the battery drain must be tied to the relationship of iOS 6.1 and Exchange.  I hope this gets fixed because I can't see using an iPhone and not being able to use Exchange with it. I really want to go back to Android because of this but also really want to stick with my iPhone.


    Apple, please fix this!  Asking them to fix it in these forums is like screaming at the TV.

  • npdiddy Level 1 (0 points)

    Conversely, I aslo have an iPhone 4S, 32GB, and the battery life has degraded greatly after the 6.1 upgrade.  I'm currently at 21% battery life, and the Usage time since the last full charge is 3 hours, 39 mins. I've made two phone calls which lasted a total of 15 mins.  I also spent five minutes checking emails.  This is NOT right.

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