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  • baloonazar Level 1 (0 points)

    But I don't even use exchange and just deleted my yahoo account. And still the same problem.

  • kajtzu- Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here, battery drain issues on iphone 4s after iOs 6.1 update...

  • jhad7010 Level 1 (0 points)

    Having same issue with my iPhone 4s. Agree there is someting related between iOS 6.1 and Exchange. What I did was to change my Email settings to cancel Push on this type of account (in Advanced menu / Exchange account) and have it check in 15 min intervals. Some how iOS does not stop checking the Exchange Server and doing this is draining my battery to dead.  Now my battery does not run out so quickly. Just to clarify. After this last update, this issue got worst than previous version.

  • damsel_in_distress7 Level 1 (0 points)

    hi guys would seriously appreciate any help here-im not the greatest with technology and these apple gadgets. basically got an iphone 4 ever since i updated to ios 6.1 my battery is draining like crazy. tried doing an itunes restore to backup this did not work. apple called me and said to restore but this time set up as new. worried i will lose my contacts and texts though? any way to prevent this? tried doing the info>sync contacts but got confused with the options of outlook, google, windows?? i have a hotmail account!? sorry to sound so blonde! anyone else manage to sort out the battery drain prob btw? does setting up as new solve this?! xxx

  • Rune Alleslev Level 1 (0 points)



    Before doing the reset, sync the phone in icloud/itunes and MAKE SURE you have selected to sync contacts as well. As I remember it is standard with icloud syncing. I just did the total restore, and got all contacts back.


    No, it will most likely not solve your problem. As will deleting Exchange-calendars, resetting network settings etc not solve the problem. But you might be lucky...

  • tedya Level 1 (0 points)

    OK, I have added Exchange back in and am only syncing email. If I uncheck calendar, my battery does OK. When I check calendar, it misbehaves again.

  • ApteryxMAC Level 1 (0 points)

    I confirm, the draining seems to be solved after a restore from backup.


    I have three e-mail accounts (iCloud, my imap, Hotmail) and just the apple calendar, everything normal now.

  • Level 1 (0 points)

    iOS 6.1 results on iphone 4s:


    - 100% drained in 3h:37min.

      - very high temperature of device when in use (0 apps open in background)


    need backup

  • salata3 Level 1 (0 points)

    After upgrading to iOS 6.1 on my iphone 5 I have the same problem - 100% drained in 3 hours - CPU going crazy - Phones overheats. However after trying different things I noticed that the drainage is accelarated when the phone is on 3G and goes back to normal when it's on LTE.


    The behavior is pretty consistent. I do have an Exchange email and Calendar and use them extensively throughout the day - I also did the Network reset proposed in one of the replies. However the only variable in my case is 3G vs LTE.


    Hoping Apple provides a fix for this ASAP.

  • DavenKa Level 1 (0 points)

    The new 6.1 update has become a serious problem.  Previously battery life for the iPhone 5 was not great, but I could get through a day comfortably without having to charge the phone unless the phone was under heavy use all day.  I'd hoped that the 6.1 upgrade was going to help battery life among other annoyances like iTunes Match not working 100%.  Instead the new battery life is laughable, except that I am closer to crying!!! From full charge this morning as an example the battery had dropped ~20% in half an hour without doing anything except sending 3 SMSs.  Now typing this message out the charge is 48% after 1h45 from being 100%.  Most of the time the phone heats up furiously and I almost wish it would catch on fire so I have some "real" evidence of a problem!


    I have restored the phone off iCloud and hoped that that worked but no.  I have turned everything off and it hasn't helped.  My screen is set to auto and is average brightness.  I have tried to turn off the battery % but that hasn't helped either.


    ...and I can't revert back to a previous version.  My wife is still on 6.0.2 and while she struggles to get through a day I sometimes struggle to get through 2 hours without putting it on the charger, which I now have at work as well as home.


    Characteristically Apple is silent about these issues.  I hope to god they are fixing this one because all the so called "fixes" and replacements look like a delay tactic.  How did this company which prides itself on quality and the mantra of 'it just works' go downhill with the passing of just one man.

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    Hi all --


    I just wanted to report back that I have had success with simply removing my Exchange account from my iPhone 5 / iOS6.1. I simply deleted the email account from my iphone, waited about an hour to confirm that my battery use and phone temperature were regulated, and then added the Exchange account back with the default settings.


    For 2  days I have experienced normal battery use, and have not had the phone heat up. 


    I wouldn't recommend that anyone perform a restore, as that is likely to add the bad email configuration back to your phone.  I know this is frustrating, but the email delete and restore seems to be a good solution.

  • Dolphinsleb Level 1 (0 points)

    This is so ridiculous.  What a scam! Since the ipad 3 came out I haven't used more than a gb a month in cell usage. Since 6.1 cme out I used 2 gb while on wifi, and the battery drain is worse, they better fix this fast, I am contesting the charge on my credit card

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    I can't make you do or not do anything, but I think it would help everyone if comments in this thread were kept on-topic and only related to the diagnosis of a cause and a working fix for this problem.

  • kulas Level 1 (0 points)

    not to get your hopes up guys, but i have tried deleting both of my gmail accounts, including icloud.  then added them again, waited for the battery to run low, then CHARGE OVERNIGHT.  it is now 5:23pm, and my battery is still 54%.  i'm going to monitor it for a couple more days and get back to you for confirmation. how about you builder?  how is your phone now?


    fyi : iphone5

          used mainly for calls & messaging

          some data using wifi networks

          some light gaming, pictures tweets etc.

          before ios 6.1, the battery lasts 2 days

  • ivormccormack Level 1 (0 points)



    My iPhone 4 was upgraded to iOS 6.1 yesterday 6/2/2013. Went home, plugged it in overnight and this morning while watching a TED video, my screen went dark. It wasn't exactly blank, you could see a slight brightness when you turned on the phone.


    Next thing I noticed was my phone was hot. The back of the phone was becoming too hot to leave in my pocket. I took it out and tried to shut it down, but couldn't see anything on the screen.


    I have been reading through this thread and tried the phone restore from the iTunes, but having the phone plugged in, the heat started to build in the phone again.


    Apple, get the finger out and fix this. There are a lot of very dissatisfied customers on here and your silence is not appreciated.

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