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    billkesh- I have an Iphone 5 on verizon.  I've never been able to make it a full day without charging it.  For Example--today, by 2pm, my phone had 60% battery, after being off the charger since 6 am.  (8 hours).  This was with LTE off, WIFI off, and fetch email, every 15 mins (not on exchange anymore), and brightness around 30%.  I listened to 10 minutes of music (on my way from the train to work), and probably sent 10-20 text messages to my wife.  I probably did some light surfing as well.  I notice that whenever the phone is on, it will go down about a percentage every minute or so.  I do admit my building doesn't have great service coverage, so I believe the phone does jump in and out a bit, which could be the drain I'm experiencing. 


    It is not like what the exchange people are noticing...but I'm still not happy with my performance.  At this rate my phone would be dead around 10pm if I continued to use it the way I have been (which is not much at all).  I'm more nervous about the times I may have to use it!

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    So, just got back from the Genius Bar and after doing a diagnostic check, they reckon my iPhone is completely fine. They 'took it out the back' and said they'd looked inside and everything was immaculate (no dodgy connections) but they appreciate that the screengrabs of my usage don't paint a pretty picture.


    Have been given a new iPhone (running 6.0.2) and have returned home and I'm setting it up from new.


    Safe to say I won't be going anywhere near "***** Point One" anytime soon. I'm waiting until it appears Apple have ironed out all the gremlins.


    Funnily enough, it seemed like quite a few other people were being provided with replacement iPhones while I was there. Hmmm, must be something SERIOUSLY wrong or just a coincidence? You decide.


    I wouldn't be surprised if Apple Employee has been ordered to play nice, politely appologise and just send everyone away with new toys. Just sweep this under the carpet.


    Now I'm faced with the joy of setting up a new iPhone from scratch…

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    I had the problem described by many, after the 6.6.1 upgrade, my iPhone 4s turned into an overpriced handwarmer (which, in fact,  can be rather nice in a cold Swedish winter) emptying the battery in less than 2.5 h. The small charger was barely able to charge the phone.


    Switching off the Exchange calender synch like Xiao59 suggested above stopped the problem completely. But, in my case starting the synch again does NOT make the propblem reappear. The only difference is that I did a backup and factory reset as well, not only the airplane mode On/Off trick.


    With a hope that your batteries will last long...

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    A smartphone without a calendar, wifi, etc is a dumbphone. I've been shopping for a phone recently but there is nothing here to encourage me to buy an iPhone.

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    BTW, when I called Apple support just to check if they had any magic tricks up their sleeves, they were very nice and helpful. They asked if the should send UPS to pick the phone. Quite ambitius to offer to replace the phone for something that was so strongly correlated to the SW upgrade...

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    I updated to iOS 6.1.1 but it was not good enough since, I and my fellow iPhone/iPad users' access to our institutes Outlook calender and email has been throttled until the existing problems with iOS 6.1 are solved completely.


    Don't care who is responsible as long as the issues are fixed properly.

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    I am using an iPhone5 and also had similar concerns about battery drainage but decided to upgrade to 6.1 anyway. Previously it was 6.0.1. I read somewhere that it was suggested to use the iPhone until it was drained completely i.e.0% and the phone switched off by itself, and then recharge. Since then the battery life has seen significant improvement even better than when I first bought the phone. I have since tried it on another iPhine5 with the same results. Suggest you give this a try.

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    im using iphone 4s on ios 6.1.1

    my battery backup not badIMG_1563.PNG

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    I've been following this thread seeking an answer to this problem with the rapid battery drain, and yours is the best answer I've seen.  My problem is identical to yours, started with iOS 6.1 immediately after I added my Exchange email account.  It doesn't help me to delete my Exchange email account in order to "fix" this problem because this phone is absolutely useless to me if I can't get my Exchange email.


    I have always been a PC person, but I have family members who rave about their Apple products, so I broke down and bought an iPhone 4 a year ago.  Although I hate the tiny keypad, overall it's been an okay phone, and I like that it's small and lightweight.  I recently bought an iPad, but now I'm debating whether to return it before my 30 days is up.


    It's appalling that Apple is so silent on this issue, which is clearly affecting a lot of their user base.  Prior to finding this thread tonight, I had already tried just about every troubleshooting suggestion on here, with the exception of deleting my Exchange email account.  I wish I had something productive to add, and I will continue trying various combinations to see if something eventually works.  If successful, I will post it here to share with everyone else.


    Right now it's looking like this iPhone will be my first, and last, Apple product. The Windows 8 phone is looking better and better...

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    Battery dropped by 10% with brightness set to the lowest and no use at all,was standby the whole time???

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    My iPhone 4S has a severe battery problem after update to 6.1.1 too. First off, it's been on the charger all night And only 98% full battery. Secondly I for had to plug it in twice a day when normally i never had to. I took it to work after fully charging it last night and the battery was completely drained a d the phone shut off after almost three hours with no use at all!

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    It seems the origin of most folks problems have been either Exchange email or Safari or Calendar being caught in a iCloud update loop.  If you are not using Exchange, then I suggest getting a system monitor from the App store (I use System Activity Monitor) to see the level of CPU usage and which processes seem to be running wild.  My webookmark process was constantly on.  If I turned off iCloud for Safari and restarted the phone, things settled down so with no apps running (except the monitor) my CPU usage was about 5-6%.  Finally I followed Adam Engst advice (see previous posting with Tidbits link), did a GFU and set up my phone up as new--on iTunes.  Finally, iOS 6.1 is working as well as 5.

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    I noticed a significant decrease in battery life recently. Normally, my battery lasts for approximately 24 hours. The recent issue resulted in a completely dead battery in about 6-7 hours.


    There are many, many blogs about the issue online. I tried one of the fixes and it seems to have worked. Nine hours later, my battery is still almost full. I went to: Settings/Mail/Exchange/Account

    I wrote down all of the information and then deleted the Exchange account. I went back to Settings/Mail/Add Account and added the information I wrote down. It worked.

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    Guys, just to let you know...


    I have an iPhone 5, posted here twice already and i have tried everything suggested...still doesnt work for my battery drain problem...


    I don't have an Exchange account, never had one in the iPhone, only two Gmail accounts. Draining still occurs and nothing i can do about it...


    The only thing that works for me, but unfortunately almost renders the phone useless is using flight mode. Usually when i turn on flight mode it can hold up to 100% in 8 hours. When i turn it off, the draining starts again...This is related to network activity, but its really strange because as way of testing what works the best for my battery i have Wi-fi almost off all the time, 3G or LTE turned off most of the time, rarely use Bluetooth, never use Siri, push and locations are disabled and iCloud syncing is disabled as well...


    This is what iOS 6.1 did to my phone...rendered it useless...i need to have battery to make phone calls and receive texts...if i use everything else, the draining occurs even faster...Im only managing an average of 13h of stand by and 2 hrs and a half of active time...and it goes to 0%. Taking in account that i have the phone in flight mode for 8 hours, then it technically goes from 100% to 0% in 7, 8 hours...


    So...this is NOT only related to Exchange Accounts, it might be one of the causes, but not the only one...I can tell you that.


    Flight mode and two battery tests at an Apple Store confirm that battery is good. The only thing doing harm is iOS 6.1, which failed on those store tests...


    Apple, seriously...fix this.

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