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  • ezobear Level 1 Level 1

    Even I turn on the flight mode, my battery still keep on draining .... This is ridiculous! If no solution provided in next 48 hours, I am thinking to file a lawsuit agaist Apple!!


    We all should united to give APPLE a big hammer!!

  • billkesh Level 1 Level 1

    Luis, do you realize that gmail may be using Exchange ActiveSync?  They are stopping using it for new accounts, but continue to support using it for existing accounts.  Google gmail Exchange for details.

  • billkesh Level 1 Level 1

    Saint John, I agree that deleting and recreating the Exchange account will stop the looping.  It is important to note that the looping will start again if you accept/reject/create/modify a calendar entry.  As long as you just use you phone to view your calendar, you will be OK.  This, of course, is just a temporary workaround until Apple fixes the problem.  This is what I've elected to do, and so far it has worked OK for several days.


    I use my laptop to accept meetings or set them up, and just view the calendar with my phone.  If this will not work for you even as a temp workaround, another option is to switch from push to fetch every 15 minutes.


    For more details on the Exchange/iOS 6.1 bug, please see the link to the Microsoft Knowledge Base article I posted earlier.  Unfortunately, this web interface doesn't allow me to cut and paste, and I'm too lazy to type it in again.

  • Regardt_S Level 1 Level 1

    So after a week of frustrations, I have sorted my battery problem out.


    I updated OTA, and from there started having problems.


    I have restored my phone, disabled icloud, etc etc. Nothing worked for me, and it was extremely frustrating.


    I then restored the phone via iTunes to factore defaults and did NOT restore my backup, just started from fresh, and now finally my battery life is back to normal, with mail/bookmarks/etc also working fine.


    As soon as I restore from backup, same issue.


    Not the perfect solution to lose all your messages etc, but atleast I can use my phone again...

  • greenAc Level 1 Level 1



    Have found that the part of the 3G is enabled, even though I have it turned off. In this case the battery is heavy. Have no Internet access. The battery is empty after a few hours. To get around the problem I have in between 3G and enable or disable. Has anyone else had any advice?
    Have an iphone 5 with ios6.1.



  • wlehrmac Level 1 Level 1

    iOS 6.1 update to 4s and suddenly battery much worse. No longer can go 24 hrs. No iCloud or other suspect apps running.

  • Jdodge01018 Level 1 Level 1

    Okay, maybe this helps. Just like last time if i turn off the GPS location services i get my normal battery time back. I must turn them all off. Hopefully I won't need 911 anytime soon!

  • Peter22204 Level 1 Level 1

    I experienced a dramatic decrease in battery life on my iPhone5 after the upgrade to 6.1. Performed the "reset" activities all to no avail.

    Phone was almost unuseable, so I took it to the Apple store. By the time I arrived, the phone had died. The genius told me they would need to 'observe' the battery life dropping (couldnt take my word for it), so they charged it up to 10%. Within 3 minutes, it dropped by 2%. They saw it. Their solution was to perform a DFU (essentially reset my phone). They assured me this would fix it.

    By the time they did the reset, it had charged to 15%. I walked out, didn't use it, didn't reinstall any apps, didn't make any phone calls. didn't add any email accounts. Within 10 minutes, the battery was at 9%, so I returned to the store and they said they would replace my 5 month old iphone.

    Luckily the phone I was given had IOS 6.0.2.

    I have not upgraded the phone. I reinstalled everything FROM NEW. Didn't use a backup except for contacts.

    I followed other users' advice and have not accepted, declined, forwarded or otherwise responded to calendar invitations on my phone. I simply use the calendar app for viewing.

    So far (it has been 5 days now) battery life is fully restored to pre-upgrade life. No upgrade to 6.1.1 or the upcoming 6.1.2.  I am quite happy with IOS 6.0.1, but Apple really has a problem. Incidentally, I asked the genius if they ever read the forums because they claime to be unaware of 'any discussion' regarding battery life......WHAAAAT !

    Hope this helps.

  • Orly1n Level 1 Level 1

    sorry to say I still having the same problem after the upgrade......

  • Jdodge01018 Level 1 Level 1

    I previously posited that i turned off GPS location services in privacy settings for all apps. I have since turned it back on and i have no more battery issues. I am afraid to to do the 6.1.2 update since there is no mention of this fix. All is still working properly as of now. Good luck all!

  • billkesh Level 1 Level 1

    I tried to perform a controlled test before updating to 6.1.2.  While I was still on 6.1, I went into my calendar and accepted several meeting invites that were waiting there.  Unfortunately, it didn't trigger the looping behavior I had seen earlier.  I guess maybe only certain meeting invites had the problem.  Which could explain why my buddy at work with the same iphone 5 as me never saw the problem.


    Well, anyway, I went ahead and updated to 6.1.2 on my phone and ipad through iTunes.  I played around with my Exchange calendar creating several meetings, and wasn't able to trigger the looping problem.  My phone & ipad are still running cool, with about 3-5% usage according to SysStatsLite (with occasional spikes).  When it had the looping problem, it would be constantly at 20% or so.


    So, not the conclusive proof that the problem has been fixed that I was hoping for, but also no sign of the problem, either. I will be using the calendar a lot on my iphone 5 the next few days to continue testing, but so far, so good.  Thanks, Apple.

  • kulas Level 1 Level 1

    hi billkesh!

    how did you update, OTA or itunes? i dont have an exchange account, but have two gmail accounts instead.  i'm dying to try this new update if it will fix this battery drain issue.  right now, my iphone5 will get through the day, as in i charge at night and it will reach less than 30% when i reach home at 6pm.  i dont use cellular data, only wifi.  before the 6.1 update, my battery will last two days.  hope it will again on this new update.  anyway, just want to tell you that i like the way you write here. it is concise and direct to the point.  it helped me a lot.

  • billkesh Level 1 Level 1

    I used itunes.  I've been recharging once per day, and the phone usually has at least 55% left.  But that is with light use.  Occaisional phone calls, a little surfing, etc.  I don't watch videos or play games a lot.  I'm sure that would drain the battery more rapidly.  But even with my mild usage, I was seeing the battery drain completely in 4 to 6 hours when I was experiencing the Exchange looping problem.  Now that I've managed to avoid it for about a week, the battery could last a couple days.

  • kapa11 Level 1 Level 1

    I am going to make it as brief as possible my 1 month experience with my brand new Iphone 5


    -Januarry 11 - I purchase the Iphone 5


    -First day the phone battery lasted on stand by for more than 24 hours


    -Second day, I upgraded the software for IOS 6.1


    -Battery issies begun. Battery on stand by last 4 - 6 hours


    -I took the Iphone to Apple Store, they say everything is OK, that I had too many apps or that I should have make the restoration process from  "New Iphone" instead backing up.


    -I do the New Iphone thing and the battery now lasts more than 24 hours on Stand By


    -Then Comes 6.1.1


    -Battery drain problems are back


    -Restoring the Iphone as NEW does not works this time. I have to charge 3 times a day my Iphone 5


    -Yesterday 6.1.2 addressing to fix this bug


    -I do the upgrade. Worst than before, battery drains 10% in 10 Minutes in Stand by!!


    -I cant make the battery to fully charge to 100%, no matter how long I plug it, even overnight, after 8 hours, I was expecting a 100% charge, but it was at 97%!!!! With all apps closed, WIFI and Bluetooth OFF


    -I do the whole restoring process from NEW again. - NOTHING!! - It has been only 3 hours since i Umppluged it and now I have 33% and thats because I charge it on my car on my way to Work, about 30 minutes.


    -6.1.2 its even worst that 6.1.1




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