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  • GroteGnoe Level 1 (5 points)

    The problem seems to be entirely network related. I turned off practically everything that might cause a problem in 6.1.2.: icLoud, Wifi, don't have LTE with my carrier, notifications, etc. etc., practically everything was on manual. Stopped the background processes.


    Phone lasted 100 percent battery life for about an hour with idle time, making one phonecall of about 5 minutes, and surfing. Then it dropped 1 percent. This was between 07AM and 08AM.


    With the surfing and the emails, I left both running in the background, and that's all that changed. It's now 11AM and my battery is at 84 percent. So instead of the 1 percent drop in the first hour, I got a 13 percent drop in 3 hours. So about 400 percent more battery drain just by having facebook and email open.


    I am assuming if you have a couple of other sync'ing things open or a few apps on the network, or you just use wifi, like most people, you will drain in 4-5 hours.


    Keeping the above in mind, this doesn't seem to be a battery problem, it's entirely an iOS problem.

  • Alvin46 Level 1 (0 points)

    i also have the Problem @ iPhone5 and iPad Mini.

    The battery is also draining alot faster since upgrading.

    it's really annoying.

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    Hello all, I've never used an Apple forum before because I never had to... Until now!

    I started having battery issues at mid-february with iPhone 4 and I have tried all of the above solutions. I've deleted Exchange accounts, turned off calendar, reset my iPhone and restored, reset my iPhone completely, changed battery, bought the iPhone 5, set it up as new... I charge my phone at 100% in the morning, then about 14:00 the battery dies... And my job takes me all over Europe, traveling, which means that an electrical socket is not always in the proximity... And I do have to check my emails, meaning I cannot just turn on/off the wifi and 3G.

    I have read all the posts: people complaining, people making observations to the complainers, people trying to help...

    I "just" have the following questions: does Apple actually read this forum? And if yes, why do we have to try to joggle a solution by ourselves? Isn't Apple the one supposed to find the solution? If I buy a phone that costs 800 euros, shouldn't Apple be the one to work night and day to find a way to solve the mess they created ASAP? Why don't they post anything helpful but let us try to find the solutions by ourselves?

    I don't understand why buying an 800 euros phone deserves me the crappiest service ever...

  • gtuck Level 2 (375 points)



    I see that you reset your iPhone completely but did you try a DFU as per Adam Engst in Tidbits?



    This is what solved my problem. 


    I completely agree with your frustration over Apple.  They rarely--perhaps only with Maps--apologize for any errors.

    Good cusotmer service means good communication and Apple fails completely in this regard.  I have purchased many Apple products including laptops, desktops, iMacs, iPhones and iPads over the years.  After my experience with iOS 4 on an iPhone 3 and iOS 6 on my present iPhone, I will look long and hard before I do it again and especially never be an early adopter. 

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    You travel all over with your job?? Ever thought to try the in car charger? Also in relation to all the other posts, I updated to iOS 6.1.2 over 2 month ago, I have not deleted any of my apps of exchange accounts, my battery life is exactly the same, I would suggest that you are all having these issue's due to your settings, all my syncs are set to manual, my emails dont download until I go in to my emails which it then checks for any new mail, it may also help if you "double click the home button to see open apps, if you press and hold the app(s) that appear you can close them" dont mistake this option with deleting, in your settings you should also turn off location services for those apps that dont need to know your location, also turn off notifications for apps of no interest such as games, game requests & other utilities.

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    Gtuck, tried DFU... Nothing... I'm just hoping that in the near future Apple will decide to solve whatever mess they managed to create. And, as you said... Never again blindly follow Apple... I don't mind spending to have good devices but when these fail and support is missing, well, I think you don't get your money's worth. But thanks for your help!

  • VasilikiP Level 1 (0 points)

    Hg-uk, a car charger is the least of my problems as traveling for me means traveling by airplane. Try running out of a meeting to catch your plane AND find a socket in the airport (even the Gold member loungers are in lack of sockets - and the few of them full with people charging their iPhones)... As for the other suggestions, I think that most of the people having the specific issue with their iPhones have already tried (and failed to get a satisfying result) to manually sync and to close the running applications. Even if all of them were open, it would still not be normal to have battery life of 5 hours as soon as the wifi was turned on...

  • gtuck Level 2 (375 points)

    You are welcome Vasili.  There is obviously a problem with the iOS but sometimes a corrupted file or bookmark on our phone can be the accomplice.  While I did a DFU, I think cleaning up my old bookmarks luckily got rid of a corrupted one. When you set the iPhone 5 up as new, did you copy back your files from your old iPhone?  Before I did the DFU and successfully cleaned the old bookmarks, I limped along by turning off iCloud bookmark sync and stopped using Safari altogether except in an emergency.  Then after using it, I would shut down the app. 

    Did you get an app like System Activity Monitor so you could see if any of the background processes were running amok and what the CPU usage was with few apps running?  Mine typically is 5-7% when the phone is idle.


    Good luck!

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    So where is the answer?  lots of similar complaints, lots of commiserating - NO ANSWERS

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    I was having the same issue of my iphone 4S battery draining very quickly.  I solved the problem by turning the cellular data off so that it will only use wireless service.  I switch it back manually if i happen to need web service while not in a wireless area. My battery life is back to normal and lasts throughout the day.

  • RajaRani Level 4 (1,425 points)

    Answers are also stated within the posts.


    e.g., one just belopw your post. Cheers.

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    My 4S and iPad4 both are draining EXTREMELY fast since the upgrade.  I've been a long time Apple fan but the last year has made me consider looking elsewhere for my next purchase.  Every "upgrade" seems to be riddled with issues and both products have been very glitchy. 

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    Well, I upgraded my 4S to 6.1.2 almost 3 weeks ago now, as described in an earlier post. I deactivated my Exchange accounts and logged out of iCloud, killed all apps, rebooted the phone and then let iTunes do its updating magic. When all that was done, I checked CPU load and waited for it to settle down to over 95% before reactivating Exchange and iCloud. Final step, let the battery drain until shut-off (playing streaming video to speed up things).


    I haven't noticed a single issue with battery life, nor any significant increase. There are days I'm a bit under 80% at night when the phone goes on the dock, and days when it's (significantly) less, dependending on what I did. I had a Skype call of over 90 minutes last week during which I kept the screen on (with incoming video for about half the time) .. from what I remember it didn't even cost me 20% battery life.


    I'm holding off on 6.1.3 for now, but only because I'm playing with the idea of doing something that cannot be discussed here and that was broken with 6.1.3 O:-)

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    We updated all the devises to OS 6.1.3. My iphone 4S seems to be hit hardest but the two iPad 2s are close seconds. I have been experiencing the worst battery drain issue since having any iPhone or update. I have had my phone unplugged this morning for 46 minutes. I have heckled email (set to manual currently) and searches the Internet for support on the battery issue which only seems to be getting worse. My battery is now at 52% - started at 100%. I would normally be no lower than 95%, especially since I am not pushing my email. I have no apps open other than safari. My phone is running super hot. I have done a hard reset 3 times. With each reset I noticed my battery percentage went back up about 2%.


    Beyond battery issues, I am experiencing issues with my brightness. Auto brightness is off but it keeps dimming to super dim and it can only be fixed by going to settings and changing the Brightness there. The settings do not last though.


    I have searched through many forums with no real solutions. The battery issues received maybe it will fix itself in a few days and apple has remained silent on the issues. The dimming issues seems to be something that happened in an older update with no fix but it was related to auto dim.


    Ps. I am now at 42% and 6 minutes have passed since starting this. That is an issue!

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    Mines a iPhone 5 and had also upgraded to the latest IOS 6.1.3 but recently the phones gets warm on charging and depletes very quickly after charge. I brought it to my service provider who did a battery check online and found the battery is in good condition. Apparently some software crashes and this includes Facebook which I had to delete and reinstall. Also I needed to turn off some of the location services which were running in the background and using up too much battery. I wonder if anyone knows the apple online diagnostic link. I don't wish to do a reset as there are much time to reinstall some if the programs and too troublesome. Thanks