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    Having 2 iPads and 2 iPhones, I updated them all to iOS 6.1.3, and 50% of my devices became useless after the update.

    What good is an iPhone 4 and 5 where the battery only lasts 4/5 hours!? All the "good" advices like, turn of wifi, turn of bluetooth, don't use pushmail and so forth and so on are a bunch of crap, I bought this phone in order to use these functionalities, not to turn them off!! If I wanted a phone just to make an occasional phonecall I would have bought a nokia 6310!



    2 iphones with max 5 hours battery live

    2 iPhones and 1 iPad heating up like a toaster

    I'm missing appointments, phonecalls and emails.


    Apple - where is your solution for this issue?


    By the way, does the Apple Support Community actually include Apple support staff, or is it just a bunch of users trying to help eachother?


    very dissapointed.......

  • MeowSenior Level 1 Level 1

    Yes... I am facing the same **** **** after updating the new IOS 6.1.3.


    I even had to delete all contents and tried to reset as a new iPhone then restore but didn't help much even after undergoing the inconveniences.


    The phone heats up like toast as complaint but when I took it to the service provider the diagnostic runned by them results as battery condition good... What the heck. It lasted only  1.5 hrs despite me switching off almost every notifications and location services. Been stranded without the use of the phone whenever I am out !!!!


    I am switching to a Galaxy next and will use the iPhone as a spare backup if so need

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  • Jujudal Level 1 Level 1

    Looking for some current information on this issue.  About 3 weeks ago, both my husband's and my iPhone 4s began draining power rapidly.  No change in usage habits, settings or additional apps.  Both of us went to the Genius Bar (individually). They said no problem with the battery - must be a software issue - and told my husband to set his phone up as a new device.  He did and it did not improve.  When I went, I was eligible for an upgrade so even though they said the same for me (no battery issue/must be software) I got a 5.  Same problem.  Now they say it is an app issue draining the battery.  They said any weather, news and social media apps will kill the battery.  I say, why all of a sudden.  They say, updates.  Seriously?  Why aren't these apps draining my iPad which I use even more than the phone?  I've just tried resetting the networks as suggested in this previous thread, but am I wrong to question why this is happening????

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    Jujudal, it was a software issue for me and occured as soon as I installed iOS 6 on my iPhone 4.  I believe I have a couple of previous posts in this thread describing what I did.  Basically, I got System Activity Monitor which told me that syncing my Safari bookmarks was cycling, recycling ad infinitum until the battery was drained.  I stopped syncing while I was sorting out the culprit.  I went thru my hundreds of bookmarks on my iMac deleting all the old and unused ones and let that sync to the iPhone.  Then if memory serves, I did a DFU on the iPhone as described by Adam at Tidbits.  (see previous post for link).  I would start out by using a monitor which shows which processes are running and watch CPU usage.  Mine is 5-7% with no other apps running.  You then can launch at app and see if this changes dramatically.  My problem was probably a corrupted bookmark.  I've heard of calendar problems and others.  BTW, my iPad never got the problem either.  There is some kooky app update or corrupted file somewhere. 


    Keep us informed if you would.

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    Press home button twice succesively and disable applications running in the background, also check the network settings and application customisation options in settings. Dim display brightness and do a network reset also. Your phone should be workiing fine!


    A cool tip, if not using iphone for some considerable time then keep it face down so that signal reception is easy and battery charge drain is less!

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