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Dear community:


I recently tried pairing a bluetooth audio device (Jabra Clipper) with my iPhone 4. Worked fine. I then later tried pairing it with my Ipad 2, encountered this problem:

- iPad discovered the device and showed it in the bluetooth list

- I clicked on the device in the list, pairing started

- Ipad showed error, something like "Error, device can't be recognized"

- From this time on, the device is no longer discoverable by the ipad.

- I can't "forget device" (because it has to be discovered and shown to be forgotten!).


It seems like somehow the ipad stored a bad pairing record for the device, making it no longer discoverable -- but not removable?


Any ideas how I can remove the pairing record, or other action I can take to make this work?




iPad 2, iOS 6.1