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??? can't get sound to work.  Side volume buttons show sound is on.  Side switch is set to mute.  No sound.  Apparently something needs to be changed to enable sound.  Anyone experience this and have a solution



iPad 2
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    There are two different sound levels, one is the normal sound level and the other one is sound affects, turn the volume up on buttens and view the multitakting bar and then swipe to the left the show the sound volume, in settings you can change which one is set to buttens also.


    :) hope this helps

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    Sorry for spelling mistakes typing to fast...

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    thanks for responding. I kept searching for more info and found a utube video that showed you how to reboot if i pad was running slow, which it had been.   Wow!!  after reboot by holding  down the on/off and the home button at the same time for at least 10 seconds it rebooted.  And wow, we now have sound!!!