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I loaded iOS 6.1, and I realized I lost many of my recurring calendar events. In one case, one of my bi-weekly events shifted a week. Some of the events just disappeared. I don't use iCloud for calendars. Anyone have the same experience?


I sync to my Mac mini ocassionally, but my iPhone calendar is usually the most up to date. And please don't rant about how I should back up to the cloud, blah blah, blah. I don't want to. I would enjoy it immensely if iOS would not delete or move my stuff around.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Since I updated iPhone4S to iOS 6.1 my calendars aren't syncing between iPhone and MacBook Pro via iCloud.

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    We have seen this occur on two separate phones within our organization.  One person lost his entire calendar and it had to be restored, the other person only lost some of their calendar entries.

  • Espeon Level 2 (160 points)

    When I updated my iTouch 4 and my iPhone, this happened to me, too. No obvious reason why; this hasn't happened before. Luckily, I sync my calendar with my computer, so I didn't lose much.

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    I can't get my iPhone 3GS to sync calendars with either iCal or Outlook.  Everything I entered into my iPhone calendar is GONE. The data I previously entered into and synced from my iPhone is still in my Outlook calendar, which used to sync seamlessly, but I can't get iCal to import the Outlook calendar, either (my assumption being that the iPhone would be more apt to sync to an Apple device more than a Microsoft application). The only calendar events that sync from my Mac Pro to my iPhone are the few that are in iCal.  Office 2011 for Mac just had a big update, too - I wonder if there are multiple culprits here. 

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    I lost all my calendar entries with the latest OS-Update on my iPhone 5. Very annoying ....

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    I had to restore my iPad after updating to 6.1. Since I haven't done a backup for sometime, I lost many valuable data. Would never think of this happening! Very nerve wrecking!!! Thanks Apple!!

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    I am having the exact same issue. I have hoping thing would have an update to fix this. But there has only been an update for the iPhone 4s (iOS 6.1.1).