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I am in the process of deploying 20 iPads in a primary school environment using Apple Configurator. I have prepared the devices and pushed configuration profiles to the devices. I have also purchased the necessary volume purchase activation codes (20 of them). In order to download the physical app packages (.ipa files) I used the first activation code from the downloaded VPP store spread sheet in the redeem field in the iTunes store to download the .ipa file from iTunes and added the file to the apps list in configurator. Now when I attempt to install the apps on the iPads configurator installs the first 19 no problem but since I used the first code in iTunes to get the .ipa file configurator tells me that that code is no longer valid. I worked around this by turning on app downloads on the iPad in configurator, signing into the itunes store on the ipad and installing the app from the coud then in configurator turning off the ability to install/delete apps on the ipad. This will be a pain if this is the work flow for every app I plan to install on the devices. Am I missing something? Do I actually need to purchase an extra activation code (21 codes for 20 iPads) one to download the .ipa from iTunes and the remaining 20 for the iPads or purhase the app at full price in the iTunes store and then use the 20 codes in configurator? Help!