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Last night i updated my iphone 4 to ios 6.1 now my iphones battery is draning fastt help please what to do ?

iPhone 4, iOS 6.1
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    My iPhone 5 was updated last night to iOS 6.1 too.  After charging over night, I've been unpluggeged for 14 hours today, and 4 of those hours the iPhone has been "in use".  My battery meter is reporting 62% remaining.  This is the best I've seen my battery life since I got my iPhone on launch day.

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    iPhone 4


    Sprint PCS

    iOS 6.1


    After updating to 6.0, I had a dramatic decrease in battery life.  I updated to 6.1 on 1/28 thinking that they would sneak a fix in there since it was so widespread. 


    Now, after charging for 9 hours, the phone was unplugged on a table with nothing running and my battery was at 78% after 30 minutes.  I've had to leave it plugged in whenever i'm not walking to keep it from dying.


    Not cool

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    the same drain here on 4s. also, maybe it's the CPU issue, cause visually the interface became quite laggy (some glitches, plumes added) and also the phone got very hot being in idle state +charging


    so bad, Apple, so bad..

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    Same here! 18% in less than 20 minutes using facebook/whatsapp/news..... This is dramatic.

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    Me too. And lot's of other people according to the internet. Don't Apple officials read the threads in this community and respond? So much for the Apple brand. (I am sure somewhere in Apple's endless community disclaimer it will say something like 'Apple is not committed to respond to bla.bla.bla...')

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    i also have same issue in 22 hrs from 100% it go to 2%

    i did a clean restore... and did a set up new device....

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    I too am getting the significant battery drain.


    I've tried all the options and nothing works!!


    Apple you are failing to provide quality products. This is not the first time.


    Stop with your magical and revolutionary talk and start producing that instead!


    Back to my android!

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    Same problem with my iPhone 4 upgrade to IOS 6.1  Phone is running hot and battery life is ~4 hours.  Prior to IOS upgrade, I was only charging my phone 1-2 times per week.  I tried turning off almost everything, but did not help.


    I picked up some info on the web, stating that there was a bug with IOS and MS Exchange mail account.

    1) Record MS exchange account information

    2) Delete MS exchange mail account

    3) Perform hard reset

    4) Re-create the MS exchange account


    Phone is back to normal, running cool again, battery back to normal!

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    Go to -> Settings -> General -> Reset -> RESET ALL SETTINGS - and confirm the changes


    This will delete ALL previous settings (WON'T DELETE DATA), and after that you'll have to spend 10 minutes to adjust the new settings you want.


    But that is a solution that adjusts the phone to the new iOS version, so it doesn't drain that much battery. Remember that and if you have any further problems with a next version - do the same again!!!


    After doing this I had my iPhone 5 (iOS 6.1.2):

    26 minutes usage

    40 minutes standby

    and only 2% battery loss, which I think is a normal level of loss!