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I got the Iphone 5 as a birthday gift from my wife and I Loving it. The usability and exclusivity of Iphone is what I think makes Iphone "standout" from other brands.  Iphone is a Premier....barnone!! And users should of the Iphone should expect no less from APPLE


Since it is a gift and I want to cherish it...I love to continue using my Iphone for many years and hope to tell all my friends about how good Apple products are.


However, there a an issue that is bugging me with my Iphone 5....the battery.  It really has gotten worst after updating to 6.1


I love all the wonderful Apps, music and movies in Apple Store, and I am so eager to buy ...but I can't use the Apps, music or movies, if my Iphone 5 battery can't last but more than 2 hours....just think... watching Batman...and battery goes Kaput 5 mins before the movie ends...


Once again, I Love Iphone and want to continue buying products from this wonderful company.


Hope this can be resolve soon with fix to the battery problem.


Thank you for your attention.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1, Batteries Issues
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    If resetting and restoring doesn't fix the problem you have a hardware problem and should have it replaced by Apple.


    Best of luck!

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    I guess it of no use...It is with subscription....batteries issues will not be entertain....Lots of reasons. Company will not entertain batteries issues unless is really serious.


    Anyway, I will continue to use it with bare Apps...I will not buy any apps, no movies, musics...cause it would last me a day.  I will definitely not buy any Apps.


    the last verison 6.02 was definitely better at battery management...this version is really bad.  Do not know why some users said 6.10 improved the battery....but mind did not.


    Forget about buying Apple products again...this is mind first time using a smartphone (as a gift too)...and how disappointed I am.  Truely, if company wants users to use their products, they should give decent batteries...the IP5 has the same battery as the 4S and 4S last at least 2 days. 


    With all the hype and marketing that Apple is making...a decent battery should be provided.... I am not asking for anything more....what is the point of having the most advance IOS or hardware..when batteries cannot give users a decent life (2 - 3 days are good enough) not 1 or less day....By the Way, IP5 isn't cheap.  It is were, I would not waste my time posting here....


    This is really hopeless and pointless


    Disappointed, really disappointed and displease.  anyway to get back version 6.02..cos 6.10 really hopeless for me.

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    Simon, I don't know what you mean? Either you have a battery problem or you don't. If your battery dies after a full charge from watching a 2 hour movie then you definately have a hardware issue and should go visit a store or call Apple to have your phone exchanged.


    There's no need to sulk and complain about a probelm that Apple would be happy to fix for you.