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I have a Apple MacBook Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz 13.3" (White) (2008) (MB402LL/A). I have a DVD in the computer but it will not eject. The computer is not reading the disk and does not think there is a disk inside, so if I press eject or file eject it will not let me. I have already tried going into Terminal and typing in the command to eject the disk and I can heard it doing something but it will not come out. Previously if I put the disk in it would spit it back out, then I put the disk in one last time while it was rebooting from sleep mode and successfully read the disk and started playing the movie. My notebook can no longer sustain a charge so it I unplug it from an outlet it shuts down. I unplugged it with the disk still inside to move to another room, then ejected it and put it back in so it would automatically open in DVD Player but it did not read the disk nor spit it back out and cannot find a way to get it out for the computer is unaware of its presence.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    if none of the below suggestions work, take it in for repair.



    Force eject a stuck cd/dvd



    • First try the normal methods to remove the disc. Drag its icon to the Trash can in the Dock or select 'Eject' from the File menu.


    • If you are running a virtual machine, e.g. VMFusion, ensure that the CD is disconnected from the virtual machine. This will sometimes allow the CD to now show up in Mac OS X.


    • Shut down the computer and start up whilst holding down the mouse button. This may take some time, but keep your finger on the mouse button right up until the disc comes out or the log-in screen has appeared.


    • If you have Toast Titanium installed on your computer, choose EJECT DISC from the menubar.


    • Sometimes you can successfully use the eject disc button in iTunes even if the disc is not visible to the Finder


    • Open Disc utility and choose the disc you wish to eject in the left-hand pane, then click on the Eject button.


    • Some Macintoshes have a paperclip hole that you can insert a straightened paperclip into, manually triggering the eject mechanism.


    • Open Terminal and type "drutil tray eject" to eject the disc/tray, and "drutil tray close" to close the tray.


    • If your computer has an eject button on the keyboard, restart the computer holding down the Option key. When the startup disk selection screen appears, let go of the option key and press the keyboard's eject button.



    Source: http://guides.macrumors.com/Force_Eject_a_Stuck_CD_or_DVD

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    Have you tried ejecting it from disk utility? because that usually works for me, I'm using a Retina MBP and a SuperDrive. You could try restarting if it's really stuck.

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    Thanks I didn't know I had an eject key on my keyboard. Problem solved.