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I have both Apple 30 pin component and a composite cables. I also have IPhone 5 and a Lightning-to-30 pin adapter. What accessory shall I buy to arrange TV out from my IPhone on my TV. My TV does not have HDMI nor WiFi. Thanks

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    About the iPhone 5, I'm afraid you have to change your iPhone!

    For previous version, you can find the needed cable here http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1454, or anywhere else.



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    You posted in the iPad forum instead of the iPhone forum. To get answers to your question, next time post in the proper forum. See https://discussions.apple.com/index.jspa  I'll request that Apple relocate your post.


     Cheers, Tom

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    In fact lightning adapters only support HDMI and VGA but not composite AV unlike previous 30-pins did.


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    Thanks, but what shall I buy to work out this problem: I need to TV out from Iphne 5 to a TV that only has composite video in port. It has no WiFi and no HDMI port. In fact it is a pretty old TV but it worked well with old iPhones and iPads using the 30 pin to composite cable. Is there any solution that doesn't require to change the iPhone nor the TV?

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    Si the solution is to buy a lightning-VGA cable. Follow on the links given in previous replies to find it.


    After you could easily find a VGA-composite adapter on Internet.

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    A little while ago Apple changed the way the video out functions.  Once upon a time, just connecting the AV cable from the phone to the TV ported the pictures and movies directly.  Now it only works if the application ports the audio and video out, a function no longer handled in the system files,  according to the Apple store tech today.

    It all depends on whether or not the app developer built in a TV out function.  Most of them don't have this functionality.  I used to use presentation software for business from my phone, to a projector or large screen TV.  That no longer works.  I used to be able to flip through my photo album and see all that on the TV screen, the audience could tell me which photo they wanted to view, click on that one and it fills the screen, go back to the albums, flip through about 500 photos on phone, all that was visible on the TV for the whole room to see.  Can't do that any more.  Now the only way you can view photos on the TV is to use their "slideshow" app, which doesn't allow any flexibility, or flipping through pictures. If you try to advance the slides manually you get kicked out of "slideshow" and the TV screen goes blank.  Until Apple reverses this "development" there's no work-around available.  Someone has to develop an app that will allow this functionality and include a TV out functionality in the app.


    BTW, the app store tech said that the only way to mirror the screen of the iPhone on the TV is to buy the Apple TV box, which now has that mirror function.  So, now for my business I will have to lug that box and a huge TV around with me everywhere I go to do my presentations!  Sweet!

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    So lame apple.  Anyone ever used the Lightning Digital AV Adapter into an HDMI to component adapter?

    Or the Lightning to 30 pin to 30 pin component cable?