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I have this MacBook:

http://everymac.com/systems/apple/macbook/specs/macbook-core-2-duo-2.16-black-13 -mid-2007-specs.html


Hard Drive failed (no boot, nasty clicking sound).

I installed a new hard drive. Tried to install Snow Leopard from a retail disk - it would boot from the disc and I would get partway through the installation before stalling.

After doing research, I realized I needed to install from the original installation media (tiger) and then upgrade to a newer OS.

I dont have the Original installation media, called up Apple - paid their fees, got the 4 installation discs and no pressing C while booting, or pressing the option key will get the computer to boot from that installation disc.

I just get a folder with a ?

I know the drive works fine, because it booted normally from the Snow Leopard disc.

I know the new disc Apple sent is good, because I put it in my other computer (iMac) and saw the installer and was able to open the PDF readme.

Now im stuck - cant reinstall the OS because I cant get it to boot off the disc!

When holding down the C button during boot, I can hear the disc drive making noise - but all i get this that blinking folder with a ?