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Sometimes I will be using my macbook pro and for whatever reason my internet connection will completly lose its connection to the internet and nothing will be incoming to my computer. No messages pop up on the screen. My computer will remain connected to the network. My iphone has never had this issue, and when my computer fails to have any internet connection, my iphone still will. The only fix is turning off the wifi on the computer and turning it back on, really stupid. Any help would be nice as I don't know what's causing this connection issue of mine. Also this doesn't always happen when I use it, but it's happened enough to become a habit.

MacBook Pro (13-inch Early 2011), OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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    Mac OS X

    Ususally - but not always - this type of connection loss can be 'fixed' using a few tricks. The first is to reset both your modem and your router - disconnect each from mains and let them stay unplugged for about 5 minutes (if you've a modem with a battery backup, as I do, there should be a small reset button on the back of the modem). Plug in the modem first and then the router next.


    Then go to System Preferences>Network pane and select Wi-Fi. Click the Advnaced button and get rid of all remembered networks. Then add your 'new' network connection back.


    If this doesn't solve the problem, call back...



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    The same happens to me, at home and at school. I will be connected then all of a sudden the web page fails to load saying there's no connection to the internet. The only way to fix it is what Jesushelpme said and yourself, but those methods only fix it temporarily. I have other devices constantly connected to these networks with no issues, but it seems the connection will work for about 10 minutes then stop working while still connected, and it is getting very frustrating, especially depending on my macbook pro for school and such. If there is any other solution you can think of I would appreciate it, as I know many other people having the same issue with their macbook pros, and everything I've been told to try already only fixes it for about an hour.