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Hey everyone, I searched the discussion assiduously before posting, but if I inadvertently missed a previous discussion covering this topic, bear with me.


I have Final Cut X.07 and Motion 5.0.6. I actually bought Motion to key interview footage in Final Cut, but then I realized the keyers look completely identical. Is it just me, or are they exactly the same? Am I out $50 for a keyer that just redundant to FCPX?


Info would be appreciated. More than willing to learn/exploit deep Motion features; but if not, I'll stick with FCP....

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    Motion has an additional filter which I'm sure you'll find beneficial -- Matte Magic. Also, you can do some very sophisticated rotoscoping in Motion (with tracking!)... which you cannot do in FCPX. Plus unlimited point garbage mattes that can be animated (each point independently).


    You haven't wasted your money -- Motion is an absolute STEAL at $50. And you'll be using it for much more than keying in no time.

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    Thanks! That makes sense. Now I just need to immerse myself in learning the program. I wonder how much of my After Effects knowledge will translate into Motion.....


    Thanks for the reply.