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I installed iOS 6.1 on my iPad 3 and tried to use Personal Hotspot to link my Windows phone. At first my phone couldn't find my iPad and then the personal hotspot option disappeared altogether???

iPad, iOS 6.1
  • Boney Franklin Level 1 (140 points)

    This may helps you.


    iOS: Troubleshooting Personal Hotspot



    iOS: Understanding Personal Hotspot


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    Just came back from Genius Bar with the same problem. Tech told me this is a known bug, and "Reset all settings" would solve it, but "Network reset" would not. An so, it did. Immediately. I asked why apple hadn't posted it on the technical page linked above. He shrugged his shoulders. DO a general reset. It won't wipe your data, but will reset your ringers and lock settings etc to factory.

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    Setting >> General >> Cellular >> Cellular Data Network >> Reset Setting


    Restart (hold on/off button >> slide to power off)

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    My Hotspot turned off and disappeared from Settings Screen. I went to Settings>General>Cellular>Personal Hotspot and toggled the "off" to "on" and back to "off" and the Hotspot reappeared in Setting Window.

    That was certainly less stressful than doing a "Network Reset" and worth a try first (it was also easier than schlepping the phone back to store to have them figure it out as Verizon suggested)!

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    Only follow my instruction go to the settings ,General,software update ,you will see the icon appeared then update your device to the latest iOS  version it 100 percent works I had the same problem ,it was solved only by doing this simple things