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  • abavetta Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes standard proceedure I agree kinda like "Cntl Alt Del" on a PC. The NEW wrinkle here was the toggling of the "Silent" switch which was RJM's orginal suggestion. A lot of folks included that step as did I. Was it necessary, who knows? Apparently it didn't hurt the recovery process.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,995 points)

    Well, it doesn't hurt, but it is unnecessary. You could also put it on the floor, draw a pentagram around it, walk 3 times around it widdershins, then pick it up and hold the HOME and SLEEP buttons until an Apple logo appears and it will restart.

  • robdubious Level 1 (0 points)

    Hmm. My phone just died and I tried HOME and SLEEP for 10 seconds, no logo, then 20 seconds, no logo. 30 seconds, no logo, and I have steady hands buttons were definitely pressed. Then I tried RJM's method with the toggle silent switch and my phone is alive again. Not so sure it's unnecessary.

  • Pasquada Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm with robdubious

    My iPhone 5 today has been acting rather weird all day. Firstly with iMessage failing and going to green instead of blue.

    Anyways it not only died once but twice - 2nd time with battery power of 22%

    First time - I applied the default reboot method of pressing not power and home button together until apple logo appears. This worked...

    Second time - I again was surprised to see it dead and tried the default reboot. It did not reboot...To no avail. Thus to the iPad to research and investigate possible answers...reading through this thread...I discovered the toggle silent switch method and behold!!! It is now back up and operational.

    I will add that I always close out fully on any apps as much as possible to save them sitting in the background at any given time.

    Important questions are: why does the iPhone 5 randomly crash all of a sudden - this is a newish iPhone on plan from March 2013...

  • Apple crazy Level 1 (0 points)

    This solution really worked!!!!   Tried this solution a couple of times and saw the Apple logo. Thank you


    Interestingly,  I was online with Apple because I had hardware warranty.  While Andrew@Apple was getting my contact info for 2nd time, I was reading this discussion thread.  And tried all the above solution tips. Andrew@Apple never heard of this solution.  Anyways closed the case.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,995 points)

    Interesting, because that solution is in the owner's manual.

  • jdblack Level 1 (0 points)

    Lawrence has to be from NYC since he wants to offer criticism rather than help.  Why don't you give us page, chapter, and verse for the owner's  manual?

  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,995 points)

    Since you asked, page 149.


    Also, in this forum, under User Tips   What to do if your iPhone will not turn on


    And, it's also been posted about a half dozen times in this message thread alone. Resetting the phone is not some secret incantation; it is a standard procedure and has been since the phone came out 6 years ago.

  • abavetta Level 1 (0 points)

    OK then Lawrence lets see if you have a cogent explanation for Robdubious's and Pasquada's experiences.  I for one are tired of seeing your arrogant posts on this thread. Nobody needs to be told the same thing 8 different times. Boring!

  • RJM Level 1 (20 points)

    Good evening,

    @Jdblack, please take the superior NYC attitude and contempt that Lawrence has displayed for many on this thread with a grain of salt.


    As someone that has lived in Western Connecticut my entire life, it's unfortunate to see the number of people, priced out of the New York real estate market, that have swarmed into my state with their nasty New York attitude.  These people are easy to spot by their loud obnoxious attitude, typically berating other people, attempting to let everyone know within earshot how much smarter they are about everything, even when they are asking for help or assistance.


    Of course not New Yorker / New York transplant is like that, but the ones that are will always leave a sour taste in the mouth of anyone that has the the pleasure of witnessing it. Unfortunately, the foul taste of the experience never dulls, no matter how many times it's witnessed.


    The reason I posted back in January was the problem that I had when my iPhone 5 suddenly died. I am well aquitated with how to reset an iPhone (the power and sleep key combo) until the Apple logo appears.  However, that did not solve the problem, although Lawrence was quick even at that time to point out that one did not need to toggle the "silent switch" (even as that was the key step needed to get my phone to reset).


    I guess that what both @Jdblack and myself are trying to express is that people that read / post on these message boards are looking for fixes / assistance. It's sad that more often that not, at least one person will attempt to convey how much smarter / more experienced they have compared to the person that posts for the first time.


    Perhaps in the future if you find some of these questions so off putting or beneath you Lawrence that rather than sharing your nastiness and vitriol with us, you will just convey your wisdom in a pleasant manner. If you find that your unable to, perhaps just shaking your head and silently calling the rest of us that are unenlighted and unwashed masses dumbasses without posting those sediments, these boards might be a nicer place to visit.  I realize that I for one do not have the over 10,000 plus posts credited to my name (unlike you), so perhaps I have not had time to become as jaded with the same level of contempt that you seem to posses for the rest of the user community.


    Typos due to the late hour of the night and my oversized thumbs on the iPhone keyboard.

  • jdblack Level 1 (0 points)


    Wow!! Thanks for the post to put things in perspective.  People go to the posts for help and the confirmation that what they are doing works for others.  Fellow users with the same common problem represent a superb source of support.  Thanks for informing Lawrence in very clear terms that his NYC attitude is far from appreciated.

    There are some very nice people in NYC but apparently Lawrence wants to create an alternate image.


  • TDinMV Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me the second time I tried it. ***

  • ansoninc Level 1 (0 points)

    This is great advice.  My IPhone 5 suddenly went dead. It only has to last a couple more weeks until the 5S comes out.  I followed your suggestions and it started.  I did hook it into my computer, but I am not sure that made any difference. 

    From what i am reading it is not an unusual occurance.  Any reason why this happens?

    Thank you Apple Support Community


  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 (33,995 points)

    Why? iOS crashed.  That sequence reboots it.


    Operating systems eventually get overloaded or encounter a system error. They halt to prevent further damage. This is the same idea as a Windows Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), a Mac or Linux kernel panic, or a mainframe sysabend.


    To reduce the probability of it happening its a good idea to turn the phone completely off periodically by holding the SLEEP button until Slide to power off appears, then do as it says. Once the phone shuts down restart it by holding the SLEEP button for a few seconds.

  • eandring Level 1 (0 points)

    RJM's Post from Jan 30th helped me.  I was looking on Google and came across his suggestion that worked for me:


    Before seeing RJM's post, I tried just the normal reset without the silent button toggle and it didn't work.


    RJM's post states to:


    Toggle the "silent button" above the volume rocker back and forth 2 times, Then press the home button and also the sleep button at the same time. The apple logo will appear right after.


    Worked great for me!

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