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and this questions comes only from the fact that iTunes on the Pad doesn’t allow cross-disolves. My request is simple, I want to play automatic lists with disolves from track to track. The next best thing I looked at are 20 of the best djay apps. They all can do that, of course, but none of them have that one feature that is crucial for a good automatic mix. You often want to clip the end of a song, sometimes the front. All djay apps can set start points, none of them an end-point. And none of them reads iTunes metadata if I decide to set a new start- or end-point in iTunes.


Next I looked at a few music player apps. Some of them support cross-dissolves but again they cannot read the metadata. To make a long story into a short Q: Is there a player that allows dissolves AND can read the in- and out-points of a track?


If it could set these ins and outs in the app itself (rather than in iTunes) even better. And a few sort options.

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