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Hi everyone. Since yesterday I have the new Garageband. I installed it to use it as an Amp/Effects for my new e-Guitar.

To plug the guitar into my MacBook I am using the esi ESU 22 audio interface. The problem is: if I turn on the monitor

in the Garageband to listen to me playing, I get a disturbing noise, even if I don't touch any string on my guitar! The noise gets worse or less depending on different amps, but still it's annoying. Is there anything I could do to reduce it or get rid of it?


Thanks a lot.

GarageBand (Mac) '11, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    Not really sure what you mean by disturbing noise. But do you get this when you play on a track with no amps or effects?

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    The disturbing noise is like rustling...

    If I turn off all the effects and the amp, it is still there. Only if I hold the strings of the guitar...than there is no sound. Otherwise it roars...Like if my guitar got extremely sensible to every string vibration. Don't realy know what is going on.
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    Sounds like a ground problem or a bad instrument cable or electrical interference. Try a different cable, turn off any lights or anything with a motor that is close to the guitar. If you have a real cheap instrument cable make sure it isn't crossing any electric cords. Also lower the gain on your interface.


    If you have single coil pickups on your guitar you will always have some hum so use a noise gate on the track.

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    Hi isteveus and thank you for your answers. I allready tried different cables and there was basically nothing near my guitar or Macbook while playing. Maybe it's the distance between Macbook and the audio interface? I have only a short cable, so that my audio interface is not that far from the computer.


    I have noch single coils - humbucker (see Ibanez GRGR121EX).  But I will try something with the distance and cables.

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    So the problem seems to be not in my guitar cable but more in the USB Cable from the audio interface to the mac...Or even in my USB Port...or even in the interface itself...Going to try some other set-ups to check, where the problem is

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    The fact that when you touch the strings and it quiets down would suggest that the problem may be a ground problem. This could be in the guitar, cable or electrical outlet the mac is plugged into. If the guitar and cable work fine with a guitar amp then we should look at the electrical outlet your mac is plugged into. Is the mac plugged into a electrical outlet or a powerstrip? Are there any other devices or appliances plugged into the same outlet?

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    Don't think, that this is my guitar...or even my cable. I already tried to play it over the audio interface with my sound system and there was no problem with it...


    I am using powerstrip and yes...there other devices in it. I will plug it into a single outlet...

    There is one more thing: there is no battery in my mac...so I am only powering it through the powerstrip.

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    Did not help. Still having noise...I've tried three different guitars, so it must be something wrong with the audio interface or whatever...not the cable (tried different types too). The energy source has been changend from powerstrip to outlet (single one).

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    I just wonder did you solve the problem and if yes how ? I just bought Apogee Jam and Mic (both 96 K) and have exactly the same problem with both !! ( for a certain period of time they are extremely quiet and suddenly they become noise monsters after some period they may become silent again !!). As they are at 2 different interface (mic and Jam), and as tried their 2 original cables etc.. I do not believe the problem is originated from Apogee equipments...


    Pls explain how you solved it. Thanks in advance.