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It appears that my MacBook Pro 10.8.2 is having issues with flash/java. The issues that I am having are;

- YouTube videos won't load or very rarely will

- All of my browsers either refuse to load or will load very slowly (safari, chrome, firefox, opera)

- On an online game (spiral knights) I click on a button to load something else (going to haven/guild hall/joining another user) and it does nothing.

- Went on grooveshark.com and it doesn't load the music search nor the album icons

- I tried to download an antivirus (sophos) and it either timed out, took too long to download a 2.2 mb file or when I did try to download it, I got the message "disk image couldn't be opened - not recognized)

- Tried to get my friend to give me the file through Skype and it is taking ages to download

- Any file type takes too long to download if I am able to get it working

- Have to refresh web pages and try to search again when I am in google to try to get it to work

- it may be affecting Skype calls by losing connection by itself/hanging up Skype calls itself

- Slow startup/shutdown may also be apart of this issue


Writing this on my iPod since my laptop refused to load the apple log in page even when I try to refresh it. I am using cord net and normally my Mac isn't this bad at loading things. Loads pretty well 99% of the time. I have tried disk repair and restarting the computer and the issue is still there. Can anyone help? Thanks.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)