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    My iphone 5 is MODEL MD293LL/A factory unlocked.

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    My iPhone 5 is a factory unlocked too MD297ZA/A

  • fearz Level 1 (0 points)

    What were your symptoms / 3G issues like?

  • Colandre Level 1 (0 points)



    I suggest to write to Apple by the Feedback page.

    In order to speed up the process I can suggest (you can copy and paste or modify) what to write.

    Please, specify the carrier in the very bottom line. (AT&T, Orange, Vodafone UK, etc)


    Link :


    Subject: iPhone 5 - iOS 6.1 - 3G Connectivity problem

    Feedback Type: Bug Report




    Dear Support,

    after iOS update to version 6.1 my iPhone is unable to reconnect to 3G network when it lose it.

    This never happen before with iOS version 6.0.1. Previously the device were working without problems passing from GPRS-EDGE to 3G when network was available.

    Same device, locations and signal strenght.



    iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1 - Carrier : XXXXXXXXX


  • esugiu Level 1 (10 points)

    Thanks! Good initiative! Please do it all. I've it already.



  • Wombasta Level 1 (0 points)

    I agree. I did it too.

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    Good Morning All...maybe misery really does like company!!! Happy to see I am not isolated in this issue. What is apple doing about this? I bought an unlocked iPhone 5 from the US in December and my 4s (Now my brother's) works on MTN Nigeria network with 3G and I can't get a signal for the past two days on the same network!!!


    I have tried it all...last night upgraded to 6.1.2....NOTHING!!!! Same zero network.


    I have an expensive phone good for just music now. What is wrong with apple...I am grossly disappointed.


    Model MD642LL/A

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    Hi guys, i have upgraded to the ios 6.1.2, the 3G connection has improved so far but i wouldnt say that it is totally resolved.


    I have just done it about 3hours ago, im yet to return home where the network and 3g issue happens frequently, this is where is consistently drops from 3g to edge and doesnt pick up back again, i will monitor this and update you guy as well.


    I really hope this works !!!


    I will also proceed now to send a complain email as discussed mates !!! Lets keep our fingers crossed...



  • ShyamSharma Level 1 (0 points)

    "Dear Sir,

    I had purchased a iphone 5 from a local carrier here recently at have been experiencing problems with my 3G connection which keeps dropping, I need to either turn the airplane mode on and off, or if it doesn't work, reset the network settings before I can get it up again.

    I have to continuously do it every time the signal drops. Recently I have joined the discussion forums and I have noticed this issue is worldwide... and I have noticed that no one from Apple Inc has responded to the numerous complaints and discussion on this matter.

    It seems that no admin or representative from Apple are even concerned to guide us with this problem, or even ethically explain the situation and solutions that are being worked on.

    Having purchased a premium cellphone unit from your goodselves, I believe we deserve a logic explanation on the matter.

    For your information I have purchased a Iphone5 32GB running on a carrier in Malaysia called Maxis. I have numerously spoken to them on the matter and even they are still working on it and hoping to resolve this soon,

    We hope your team could reply to our discussion in the Forum to ethically honor us the ardent apple customers and supporters.

    Thank You

    Shyam Sharma"


    Done it guys....

  • ShyamSharma Level 1 (0 points)



    Latest update after the upgrade to 6.1.2, problem still persists... I had lost the 3g connection for a while and it has not pickep up automatically, my android device on the other had also dropped to edge and pickep up immediately once i entered an area with better coverage and i IP5 is still cruising on 3G....


    Sigh !!!!!!!!

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    In Italy the problem is the same as you!! my next phone will be a samsung which has no problem with the signal 3g.

    I spent more than €750 for the iphone 5 with the carrier TIM in Italy and my phone is always on EDGE. The signal is good because my IPAD2 has the same carrier and the signal is 3G so IPAD2 and IPHONE5 one near by the other with the same carrier, the iphone is not able to go in internet while on the IPAD i'm lookink my email.

    This is not a phone an for a consumer like me who have used/buy apple from 1987 is not good.

    Apple is going in the wrong direction and people are not stupid....we will not buy any more phone like this.

    We need an answer! are you able to give it ?? i don't think so.

    I'll give you back my phone to Apple and during the year warranty I will continue to stress with until I solve the problem. This is my promise to Apple!

    Thak's a lot APPLE..................

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    Today I mentioned I also couldn't connect to wifi shared from my second iphone. The indicator is appearing in the top bar but the there is no connection.The throbber just keep turning in wifi connection menu. Seems like the same problem as 3G issue. Wifi connection with routers works fine.

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    To all:

    I can observe 3G signal improvements.

    After having done some tests it seems for me that updating to 6.1.2; put settings to provider choice not in "automatic" mode. (signal is not 3G as known...). Start Safari and surf an usual website. When charging the website the signal in my iPhone 5 goes to 3G!


    Can you try it and report your findings please?

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    Hello Guys, I from Russia, and have the same problem, but after testing iOS 6.1.2 on Ip 5 I make some notice....

    If you know, 3G and EDGE have different equipments, and of course this equipments have different coverage of signal. When you switch on 3G in a good coverage, it turn ON after 3-5 minutes and not broken the connection, but if coverage is bad it turn OFF, then for example you are going to the place where coverage is good, it will turn ON again after 3-5 minutes automatically)

    Sorry for my bad English

    Good luck!!!

  • Wombasta Level 1 (0 points)

    My headset wasn't returning to 3G anyhow.

    Even when I rebooted headset the 3G indicator was ON but there was no internet connection, so I was manually switching to EDGE.

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