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  • ag0000 Level 1 (0 points)

    Out of the box iOS 6.1.2 is working for me. 3G works great and will negotiate to 2G when necessary and then return to 3G. Hear me out though: I have found the bug is that if you turn off 'Enable 3G' and turn on or turn off 'Cellular Data' (Mobile Data) and back on then the 3G icon returns but with no internet connection. The only way I got 3G back was to restore my iPhone to iOS 6.1.2 via iTunes and to be really sure instead of recovering from a user backup I set up the iPhone as new and configured all my preferred settings manually (don't touch 'Enable 3G' or 'Cellular Data' (Mobile Data) switches or you will be back where you started) and then did an iTunes sync to put all my music, videos and apps back. It's now working great again.

    Good luck and Best Regards.

    Wombasta wrote:


    My headset wasn't returning to 3G anyhow.

    Even when I rebooted headset the 3G indicator was ON but there was no internet connection, so I was manually switching to EDGE.

  • Pmac00 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here in Houston TX with my iPhone 5. Only after updating to 6.1.2 my 3G service & LTE Signal is very weak! Apple please correct this thanks

  • Paramite Level 1 (10 points)

    I'm usually getting a 3G signal after a long wait, sometimes as long as 10 minutes, when I go to an area with a good coverage. After that it seems to work fine, until it drops to edge. Then I have to wait again.


    I don't even have the "Enable 3G" switch anymore, just "Enable LTE". Funny, because I can't even use LTE.


    Would be nice to know how to fix this.

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    I'm starting to lose hope that this will ever be fixed. Doesn't seem like Apple is responding to any of their support requests regarding this issue

  • iahada Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi guys, I have the same issue with my iPhone 5.

    So, just take it to the authorized apple service center, and get your iPhone replaced.

  • markluis97 Level 1 (0 points)

    mine is the one turning to edge

  • markluis97 Level 1 (0 points)

    i think iphones that are from uk/ uk versions are the only ones getting this problem, mine was a uk version

  • Wombasta Level 1 (0 points)

    No. Mine was from USA and there's bunch of other with the problem from all over the world. Nothing in common actually.


    I have changed my handset and everything seems fine now. 3G doesn't turn on right after toggling 3G switcher (it needs some time) but I think thats how it's designed since the LTE functional was included.

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    was it officially unlocked? remember the model?

  • markluis97 Level 1 (0 points)

    same tayo, sun din ako, di na siya automatic mag 3g hanggang edge na lang siya

  • jaxxman Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same issue & basically 9 times out of 10 I cannot even make / receive a call or send / receive any data. I have tried everything from rebooting, resetting my iPhone 5 to factory settings & starting completely from afresh (not from a saved backup). I have tried the rerset network settings 'fix' & that doesnt work, tried the airplane mode, disable automatic carrier selection 'fix' and that doesnt work. I have evn had a new SIM from Vodafone UK.


    They still state that they have had no update from Apple regartding a possible software issue which could be cuasing this. But this forum & Vodafone's forum is full of people with the same problem. Their latest is that its now a faulty phone & i should send it in for repair. Highly unlikley its a pghysical fault, more likley its a Appkle software / Vodafone network issue.


    I have my works iPhone 4S on Vodafone UK, my partners iPhone 4 on Vodafoen UK & my personal iPhone 5 on Vodafone UK's network all in teh same room & the 4 & 4S will have a full signal & can make / receive calls etc on them, whilst my iPhone 5 has 2 small bars & keeps stating call failure or cannot connect to teh internet.


    Apple & Vodafone need to look into this as my friends on EE (UK) and O2 (UK) both with iPhone 5's have no issues.

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    I am facing this issue too. I am using iPhone 5 purchased from India and carrier is Vodafone India. Before iOS 6.1, I used to get good 3G signals at my office. But with iOS 6.1, it remains on Edge. There is one way to solve this, manually set the carrier, but even with that 3G doesn't stay for long. In some areas 3G signal shows up automatically. But the areas I knew for 2+ years, there 3G worked perfectly fine before, But now with iOS 6.1 it remains on Edge. Looks like in iOS 6.1 some bug got introduced or algorithm changed related to 3G search and switch is changed. I am following this thread for long time and I was expecting an official reply from Apple. Can someone officially reply to this thread please. Thanks.

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    I am experiencing the same problem again. My iPhone 5 stays on EDGE in a good 3G reception area. I earlier posted a full iPhone restore as new without using a backup was a successful workaround. However, the 3G reception was short-lived. As so many people are getting this symptom, I don't believe it's a hardware issue. My iPhone was working fine out-of-the-box on iOS 6.0.1 and only when I updated to iOS 6.1 did I notice this. I am currently running iOS 6.1.2. I think finding the cause of this might be very complex and I have faith that the issue will be resolved by a forthcoming software update.

    Best regards to all.

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    still and until now... the problem has never been resolved..


    Im using Maxis, a service provider in Malaysia.. Still experiance this issue.. it was so fine during the ios 6.0.1....


    really regret updating the iOS... worse, cant even downgrade...


    to all of you guys over here... all i can say, this is just an isolated case, from this forum u guys can notice, only a few hundreds reply to this thread...


    so basically, Apple already ditch us.. Ive lost hope that the next update also would not solve this.. Unless people in US experiance this, then they will take action...


    till then, no need to wait and wait and wait cause Apple will not rectify this issue... ..

  • nath.02.28 Level 1 (0 points)

    I think the issue is only applicable to Iphone Users whose Telco is not servicing LTE... LTE enabled telco do not have this problem...


    I tried to swich sim card and 3g works perfectly fine in Telco enable LTE... while 3g enable Telco has problem


    This is a software issue connecting to 3g... hope apple fix this asap as not all TELCO are LTE capable...



    Thank you!



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