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    faris97, I'm glad your network has been upgraded and your phone is now working properly.  However I disagree with you about where the "fault" lays.  A mobile phone provider should not release software which relies on all networks being upgraded to LTE, until all the networks have been upgraded!!  I as a vodafone uk user have no way of knowing when my network is going to be upgraded (and I don't actually understand what the upgrade is for), I am just left with a phone that stopped working properly as soon as its software was upgraded.


    As an aside, the "next test" that I mentioned in my previous post was successful, in that the phone did actually pick up 3G as I drove through towns which have 3G this morning.  So that's good news.


    What I have also realised now though, is that between these 3G areas, despite my phone indicating a data connection with the "O" symbol, the data connection does not work.  My iPhone 5 can only send/receive data in a "3G"/"E" area or a WiFi area.  And that's bad news.

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    Have also some problems with the IOS 6.1.3 and 3G connectivity here in Belgium on the proximus networkl.

    I use a Iphone 4S (IOS 6.1.3 carrier settings 14.0) and it shows the E (edge) symbol besides the carrier,

    not possible to use this to check emails, internet, listen to radio and so on. Secondly I have an Ipad 2 with the same settings, it shows 3G and everything works. Above all this is in the same place my office in Brussels.

    Have tried different things to get the Iphone back to work but the problems still remains.


    Any solution to this?

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    Hi, FINALLY my 3G issue has been resolved after downloading updates from my Telco. Maxis.  I notice the enable "3G" button has changed to "LTE" after doing so!!


    Now I can get full bar for my 3G signal instantly at most places...relieved!!!


    Hope you guys are also the same ya:)


    God bless!

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    I am on Maxis + LTE @ M'sia as well. My issue of no data is still there.


    Scenario: Enter a no service area (e.g. Basement parking), coming out from the parking, I get voice, but no data, until I reset network settings.

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    I am also on maxis after I has been swap another iPhone the problem have solve

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    hmmm... I found a workaround (at least it worked for far). Enable Data Roaming in settings.


    Even after entering a no service area, and coming out from the area (Basement parking), at least for now, I get voice and data, without having to reset network settings.


    1. From the Home screen, tap Settings

    2. Tap General

    3. Tap Mobile Data

    4. Turn Data Roaming On

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    Hi All


    We have problem in the signal for the IPhone 3GS in Egypt the signal will cut and come back after we have update the ISO 6.1.2  and this problem we are not facing before its new and we did all the solution to fix it but still happening  we have reset the network it will work for some time and again will cut the signal , please fix this error or I will but this IPhone in carbide  

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    i am from Saudi Arabia, i got the same problem, however, before this case my iphone 5 stopped working without reason i wanted to through it at garbage , it worked later , but without neither 3g or LTE.

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    Mine is 6.1.4 using BSNL- India, having same problem, most of time on edge, wasting money on 3g data.

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    My experience:

    iPhone 5 64GB Black & Slate unlocked & contract free Model A1428 MD642LL/A. Carrier: MOVISTAR 14.1 (ARGENTINA); iOS 6.1 and/or 6.1.4 (10B350), Modem Firmware 3.04.25.


    With a MicroSIM (3FF / 3rd Form Factor) from MOVISTAR cutted by MOVISTAR to NanoSIM (4FF / 4th Form Factor): No 3G and/or EDGE service AT ALL since day one for TWO months.


    With a REAL NanoSIM (4FF / 4th Form Factor) from MOVISTAR: 3G and/or EDGE service working.

    If you take a close look at both "NanoSIMs" (the real one and the "fake" one), they are ABSOLUTELY different.


    In other words: DO NOT cut MicroSIMs, use REAL NanoSIMs from your service provider.

    I really hope this helps you all.

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    I have the same problem in Germany with carrier O2. I already reported this as a bug and I really hope they can solve the issue. With my "old" iPhone 4 I never had any problems.


    And yes, I have a "real" and completely new NanoSim Card.

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    Hi everyone!


    I installed iOS7 beta 1, and Apple fix the problem with 3G issues!!


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    I created this thread - I would like to say that IOS7 beta 1 fixed this issue... 


    Previous workaround - set carrier to MANUAL and toggle airplane mode on and off to bring 3g back

    Currently in IOS 7 - carrier set to AUTOMATIC and 3g works perfectly...

    In case that the 3g went out in low signal area toggle the airplane mode and 3g will be back..


    hope this help guys!!!

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    But, to install the beta version, need cost.

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    Having said that I think the phone itself is still an issue. I had my phone replaced 2 weeks ago and no longer facing such 3G issue, I suspect this might be a common problem to some manufacturing batches, I suggest you to do the same, get it replaced (either new or refurbished) instead of relying on the OS alone.