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Please, Is Pages 09 a year it was first introduced or is 09 a number stating a type of application? I was looking for updates for Pages 09 since there haven't been any for years that I know of and confused if I needed to purchase a new application i.e. Pages 2013. Why you ask? Because a pop up from the Pages 09 application says updates are available at the App Store.  OK.  When I checked, there weren't any. Good Grief now what?


Then I found a download for Pages and got excited and started a download..... OOPs, saw it was for an iPhone.  It at first looked like an upgrade for my application but not what I was looking for in my concern.  The whole Pages and Pages 09 Marketing is confusing to me and unsure if there are still areas that I have overlooked or just didn't look well enough to find what solved my concerns.  Any thoughts please?.   Thank You In Advance for your Suggestions and Replies.

as of: January 01, 2013.
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    Hi sure,


    09 is the year. No major updates since then (there isn't a Pages 2013).


    I am using Pages'09 version 4.3 (Menu > Pages > About Pages).


    Maybe the updates available are for a newer version of Pages'09



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    Yes, thank you, I do have a very old version of Pages Very Old i.e. Pages 4.0 (727) so I tried to purchase a newer version and the App Store said installed. I could not go any further in updating... My concern was finding new templets or abilities found in Quark or In Design such as Layouts, collums insert clip art. etc. I find Word, in Office 2011, of little use to my areas of need and of course the cost difference make it a better value for the selection of the Pages 09 application.  Once again your thouhgts were of value and Thank You. Sincerely.

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    What version of OSX are you running? This affects which update you can/should apply.


    1. There are many more templates available some free, some to buy


    2. Pages '09 can do layout, multiple columns, insert graphics etc, what exactly were you looking for?


    3. The App Store can only update Pages 09 bought from the App Store


    4. iWork purchased as a download, via demo with serial number or on DVD must be separately updated



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    Not quite true point 3 and 4. If still on SL you you are right but if you have ML it will update through AppStore even if  installed from the DVD from the beginning.

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    ysureican - If you still are using Snow Leopard or earlier system you can get updates here for Pages: http://support.apple.com/downloads/#pages and for iWork'09, including Pages 09, here: http://support.apple.com/downloads/#iwork

    There isn't any point to update to more than iWork 9.0.4 if you have Snow Leopard. Later updates are for Lion and Mountain Lion.

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    Thank You PeterBreis0807 Australia

         That's some more good information that was extremely helpful.  I'm running OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on an iMac.  My version of Pages 09  is a very old version, yes a very old version. I did try to buy a more current version of Pages 09 but the App. Store just said "Installed" and I couldn't go any further.  I guess I can deleted it and then try to buy the more current version which would be the easiest for me to do rather than updating my old version.  The version I currently have does not have any of those bells and whistles you mentioned.  They are what I'm looking for -so- yes this too solves my question.

         Thanks for the pointers. For future questions that I have I will include my OS X.  Sometimes one writes a comment and assumes that all those who read it are mind readers. Obviously that's not the case. LOL.  An example of this is a very kind response from "fruhulda  Sweden", asking if I'm using Snow Leopard... See I could have saved others their time trying to help me if the OS X was just stated in the first place.  I promise not to "Rush" and take "More Time in Formulating" my questions.  Thank you for your time and assistance.