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We have about 100 WiFi only iPads controlled an MDM. If a use forgets their unlock pin on campus (while they are connected to our WiFI) we can use our MDM to remotely unlock the iPad. However, if the user locks themselves out at home and then brings their iPad it in a "iPad Disabled. Please connect to iTunes." state, the iPad does not reconnect to our WiFi and so our only choice is to wipe and restore. (Most of our users that get locked out do not have iTunes setup on a desktop.) Is there any setting we could use to make even a locked iPad attempt to connect to our wireless network? Being able to remotely unlock instead of wiping would save us much time and trouble. I would not mind using something else (like apple configurator) to unlock the iPad locally. I just don't want to have to have wipe as my only unlock option. This problem occurs on iOS 5 and 6.

iPad 2, iOS 6