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A friend sent me photos in my email, they were not attachments.  I wanted to put them in my photo roll but the only option I could find above the email area between the flag and the trash can is a folder, when I click that it gave several options, one is to send my emailed photos to iTunes. Now I don't know how to get to where my photos are so I can transfer them to my camera roll in photos.

The only iTunes I have is where you buy Music and movies.  I see also that you can buy storage in iTunes or something like that. I don't need to buy storage.

I wonder if they are in the iTunes juke box, which I don't have although I did buy 3 songs so far and I can get to those but I don't see my pictures I sent to I tunes option in the email...

Now I do have a photo roll and albums and I checked there and didn't see these particular photos I sent from email to iTunes.

Hope someone can help me get my photos from iTunes to my camera roll.



iPad, iOS 6.1
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    You don't need to go into the iTunes store app on your iPad to copy photos from Mail to the Photos app. The icon at the top of the Mail app of the folder with the downward pointing arrow is to move the email into a different email folder (do you have an email folder called 'iTunes' ?)


    If you are in the Mail app then press and hold the photo and after a second or two you should get a popup, with one option being 'Save To Camera Roll'.

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    Thanks king penguin!  Part of my pictures are penguins so I am laughing with delight cause I love penguins!


    Now I know how to get pictures from my email to my camera roll.


    Problem is that I still have pictures in iTunes which I don't have. I do have the iTunes Store. I don't think those are the same, cause I went to iTunes app and my music app looking for these pictures and they are not there.


    I went to my settings yesterday and looked to see if there was an iTunes and it looks like there is but you have to pay a fee, which I don't understand.

    I made the mistake of sending these other pictures to iTunes, it was an option in my mail box, you know, that arrow that curves to the left a bit. I tapped on that and sent my pics to iTunes.



    Well I hope I can recover them.  Thank you for letting me know how to save my pics to camera roll.


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    They won't appear in the iTunes or Music app on your iPad, nor on iTunes on your computer. Where are you seeing that you need to pay a fee to use iTunes ? You only need to pay for any items that you purchase e.g. films, music, tv shows, apps, or if you decide that you needy extra icloud storage.


    In the Mail app when I tap the icon of the arrow that curves to the left (between the trashcan icon and 'new email' icon) I get options for Reply, Forward, Save Image and Print. The icon between the flag and the trashcan icons which looks like a folder with a downward pointing arrow is for moving an email to a different email folder - do you have an email folder called iTunes on your email account ?

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    I saw it in settings under iTunes & app stores then under iTunes Match it says learn more.. That's where it says you will pay a fee if you subscribe.  I wasn't sure if I sent my pictures to that iTunes storage.  My iTunes Match is turned off cause I don't want that.

    Well I wil look around for them or go to the apple store which is about an hour away and ask them at the Genius Bar cause I know what I did before they disappeared.

    It's a mystery! Lol


    I live in Ohio, I see your from United Kingdom. Wow and you have so many points to your credit. Exciting, what will you do with all of them.


    Thanks for your reply


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    Penguin,  I was just thinking...in my first post I explained that the email showed up and I wasn't sure how to get it to my camera roll so as I searched around the email, at the top I noticed there was some icons. So I preceded to tap on a couple to see if one of them pertained to what I wanted to do. The only one that came close was the folder option that when I tapped on it, a list of folders came up on the left side of the email, one of the options is iTunes, the other options were trash, bulk mail, apple, draft and sent.  So that's why I thought they went to iTunes, because the pictures were there , then I tapped iTunes and they would go away. At least I believed that is what was happening..

    I thought that was a strange option for pictures but I didn't see any other option that made sense.


    I think we are probably getting to the end of the rope on this subject...lol  it sure has been a mystery but if I find out I will surely let you in on it!  Thanks again