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I'm happy to see some great new features with iOS6.1 with iTunes Match when connected to my Audi MMI (music system).


Previously if you were a subscriber to Apple's iTunes Match offering, you were able to only see the music tracks that you had manually downloaded to your connected device - all the tracks that were available in the cloud (but not downloaded) were not visible via the Audi MMI.


With iOS 6.1, the MMI now displays ALL tracks in the cloud and you are able to select and play any of them via the MMI.  This is a very welcome addition because now, you have your entire music library accessible while you drive.


Another surprising addition, is that you can also browse the tracks ON your device (which was previously blocked with an 'Accessory Connected' blocking screen. 


This is a great new feature of iOS that makes an iPhone even more appealing when connected to your car system.

This most likely will work with the connected car systems in VW, BMW and other car manufactuerers.  Please weigh in if you have a different car and you see this new feature.

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1