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I have a title that breaks into two lines. How do I create a soft return so that the line can break where I want it too & so that it makes sense? Rightnow it just leaves one word in the second line and it neither looks good - or makes sense.Many thanks in advance!

BTW, I'm using the Lens flare title style. Where can I find out what font that uses? Lens Flare doesn't offer any font menu. Again, thanks!

iMac (27-inch Mid 2010), iOS 6.0.1
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    In most titles you can create a new line by using the Carriage Return. In titles like scrolling credits you can use the tab key to go to the next field. In Lens Flare, I was not able to make either of these work.


    The font in the Lens Flare title cannot be changed in iMovie.

    There is a similar title in FInal Cut Pro X in which the Font is editable. In FCPX, the font used is the Baskerville Regular in 103 point size. The iMovie font looks the same to me so I would start there.

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    Oh dear - Not the answer I hoped for, sigh. I will look for that old copy of FCP - which I've never used - so I hope I can figure it out! Many thanks for your answer!

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    Have you considered using the Lower Third or Centered Titles with Baskerville Font?

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    Great idea. The only thing is that then I won't have the continuity of the lens flare. But as a beginner - I may have to settle for something like this. BTW, to test out a few things, I'd like to SAVE AS a copy - but I don't see that option anywhere. Should I ask this as a separate question or is it okay to ask that here? Again, many thanks!

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    Woopsie! I just saw - Duplicate Project. Doh! Apologies - I couldn't figure out how to delete my last question / post.

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    Most iMovie 11' titles are only two lines long. When a carriage return is not accepted, an extra line can often be added using the option-enter key combination.