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January 31 is the last day to download Windows 8 Pro for $39.99 upgrade (from Vista, Win 7, OR Win 8 preview), on Feb 1 it goes to $199. Plus if you look around on the Win 8 Media Center pages you will find a FREE download for the $69 add-on. If you have any intention of installing Win 8 on a Mac - now or in the future - you should buy Win 8 while it is cheap and choose the ISO file download - that way you can keep the key and install Win 8 using Boot Camp or virtualization when you are ready. As far as installing it now, I have installed Windows 8 Pro and Media Center on my Boot Camp partition on a 2011 Makbook Pro with conventional HD without any significant problems. I saved the ISO file, right clicked on it, and selected "mount". I had to monitor 5 reboots to make sure it rebooted in Windows, it took about 2 hours to complete. Whether you like Windows 8 or not it is working well in the Boot Camp partition, even though it is not yet officially supported (I assume Maks with an SSD would not work as well?). The touchpad is not an ideal way to interact with Win 8 but it is acceptable.