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Hey Everyone,


I have just setup Magic Triangle on our network.  I am testing this on a new user setup whereby I am logging into the domain with their account information from the AD.  On our OD I have set it so the user does not have access to System Pref > Sharing and when I login I can see that that option is grayed out for this user.  So as far as I can tell, everything seems to be working as expected.


One question though, is there a way to allow the user to install Applications on their Mac?  We are a small company with an even smaller IT department and I don't have time to approve every install.  Is there a happy medium between locking the user out of some things but allowing them to install / remove software? Basically I just want to keep my users from access the Sharing section of Sys Pref but still allow them full access to the rest of the machine.




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    Have you looked at using Workgroup Manager to manager these restrictions? You might be able to put the general users into a user group (not sure whether it would be an AD or OD group) and then set the restrictions for Sharing Preferences under the System Preferences section of Preferences for the group.  Without testing the setup, I am not sure if the users are local admins (allowing them to install/uninstall things, etc) whether they can bypass Sharing Preferences (like command line with sudo, which would be something to look at and possibly restrict sudo).