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Updated to the new iOS last night and I noticed a significant battery drain on my iPhone 5..

It goes down 6% (or more) on standby (in an estimated hour), and when I play like a minute on games it becomes really hot.

Also before I went to bed last night my phone was at a full 100% (WiFi & cellular data off), and I woke up in the morning to find it at 61% which is really alarming since I have never experienced anything like that with any of my previous iPhones or the iPhone 5 when it was in the later iPhone operating system.


I've done everything: restores, reset, rebooted, even did a back up, also switched it off and on again, and I'm not seeing any changes.


P.S. In my country, Apple stores do NOT replace phones, so I'm at a lost of what to do. Can't even play my favorite games or browse the net coz it batter just drains and it becomes really hot.

iPhone 5, soon!
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    I'm having the same problem, Battery life 5 hours in StandBy... WiFi useless (I can't connect to any network) and the phone becomes really hot as well (all of this due to the 6.0.2 and 6.1)... I bought it in Movistar Co... today I'm going to claim a new one using the warranty, but previous conversation they said i need to leave the phone in "study" for 12 days.  12 days without phone! Hopefully I can get a new one coz this is really boring.

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    Same problem.  I phone 5 dies after 5 hours.  The old system would run into 2 days without a problem.  Who is running apple these days?

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    Previous battery would last about 4-5 hours.  Fix returned battery life to normal.


    This has worked for at least 4 of my iPhones.


    1.  Completely update ALL apps on computer.

    2.  Completely update ALL apps on iPhone.

    3.  Physically connect iPhone to computer and synch.  MAKE SURE TO MAKE A BACKUP.

         -  force a backup by right-clicking on the iPhone and select "Backup"

    4.  Transfer all apps from iPhone.   Right click on iPhone in iTunes and select "Transfer Purchases".

    5.  Open iPhoto (or your photo app) and backup all of your photos.,

    6.  In iTunes, click "Restore to Factory Settings".  It will take a little while.

    7.  When restored, you want to restore from the most recent backup.


    That should do it.