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Basically, I am trying to create an iBook (with iBooks Author), with one main contents page, linking to chapters, each of which, containing pages. As of yet, I have not been able to find any way of creating this main 'Master Contents Page'.


I have 15 chapters, and all I can seem to get is one contents page for each chapter, however I am trying to get one contents page which goes straight to the first page in the relevant chapter.


Is this possible?


Thanks in Advance.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.3)
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    Which template did you start with?

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    I used the 'Modern Style' template

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    Try a couple others, such as 'Basic' or 'Comtemporary' to see if a different style suits your needs better.

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    Thanks for the tip, however I still have the same problem:


    I am only able to create lots of little contents pages, one for each chapter. However, I want a main contents page, which links to the different chapter contents pages.


    I dont mean to sound patronising here, but am explaining this clearly enough, or shall I take some screen shots to help explain my preiciment?

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    Screenshots can't hurt...

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    Have you tried to use the layout for preface, change it to your needs and use it to put your main content with links to other parts of the book? Make that page the first page in your book. You'll have to create a series of bookmarks and point each link to the appropriate bookmark.


    I had to do something like that recently for a client who insisted having a more traditional TOC in addition to the built-in TOC you get with iBooks.

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    Thans for your suggestion, I had originally thought of that as an idea, however, that would mean that yet another contents page would be created for this 'Main Contents' page, as I would have to create a new chapter, resulting in yet another contents page!


    I will take some screenshots now...

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    Hopefully this is clearer:


    I am trying to a create an iBook for a selection of poems, each with a chapter, containing pages:


    Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 19.25.36.png

    I want each of the chapters to have their own contents pages, which I have been able to do:

    Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 19.27.27.png

    I then want to be able to create a main contents page, which opens after the intro video plays, which lists the names of all the different chapters, and so the user can click on the name of a poem, and would be taken to the appropriate contents page.


    If I try and create another page at the start of the iBook (to create my own interactive contents page through using bookmark hyperlinks), then I am forced to create a new chapter, which then creates its own contents page, and I am back to square one...

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    I see what you're trying to do. Unfortunately, in order to create your own TOC (that's in effect what you're trying to do) can only be done by adding a page at the start of the book. Since you can't add a page, you have to use the layout for chapter or section. The advantage of using something like the preface layout to do that is that your chapter numbers will not change. "Born Yesterday" will remain chapter 1. See the way I did it in a recent iBook I created for a client (Note that I could have put the page "how to use this book" as the intro media, thus eliminating it from the TOC)



    Here's a quick mock up using the same concept but only with a content list page at the begining. I used the preface layout to create the content list:


    I'm pretty sure you were hoping for something different, but I think this is the only way you can do this. Let's see if others chime in.

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    Thank you! That has pretty much solved my question!


    Sorry to be really thick here.. But I have tried to add bookmarks to each of the chapter contents pages, in order to be able to hyperlink the main contents button, however when I select some text, or even import a picture (which I would later reduce the opacity of) the little '+' in the bookmarks list is greyed out, and does not seem to want to work. Any ideas?

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    You can only create a bookmark by selecting text that is not placeholder or chapter title, section title, etc. The best way is to click anywhere in your text on the page you want to bookmark and then the "+" will appear. The bookmark is to a page not a part of the page (unlike anchors in HTML), so it really doesn't matter where on the page you create your bookmark.

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    Thanks for the response.


    The only issue am having is that all of the text on the contents pages are placeholders or chapter titles! Also, I have tried adding a text box, but to no avail.


    Any solutions?

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    Is there anything I can add or do to the chapter TOC's that will allow me to add boomarks to them?

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    I know you can't add a bookmark to the chapter text fields. I think your problem is that in the layout itself, only objects tagged as body can be bookmarked. For example, in the IBA basic landscape layout (floral structure), you will notice that you can't bookmark text in the box in the first page of a chapter (below the chapter title. That box is tagged as "introduction". The other chapter pages are tagged as "body", so when you put your own text (replacing placeholder text) you will be able to add bookmarks in these pages.


    One way around that would be to remove the intro text box from the first chapter page (in the layout view). You then drag the blue arrow which you see from the top of the second page box to the first page, click and drag to create the new box. This links the 2 boxes and since they have body as a tag, you can now add bookmarks. Or, if you are early in your project, maybe you can select a template that has already objects that allow you do what you want.


    I hope this helps.

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