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I recently had to sell my iPad and replace my old PPC with a iMac 21.5" desktop that I purchased from a friend. I couldn't access the iLife suite and had to download GarageBand separately. I did that, it downloaded and "installed". But when I tried to open the app I got a window with a long explanation saying I still needed 1.6 GB of files that usually come with the installed version of iLife. Ok, so the window automatically "resumed" downloading and 1hr 40min later it "installed" the files, announced the completion, and disappeared. When I went to open my copy of GarageBand, however, I got the same download window with the 1.6 GB explanation and the whole process started all over again. I can't keep downloading this file. What do I need to do?

OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2), iMac 21.5 Desktop