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Two days ago I heard of people around me the new update for the ipad2 is out so I went to settings checked if there was one and there was one. So I clicked on download and so it went on it turned off after it and got stuck on the screen where you see you have to connect to itunes. I connected it to itunes and it said its in recovery mode. I clicked on recovory and fix it so it went downloading after 12 min maybe it was finished but came up with the error 1403 that the downloading was damaged and corrupted.... So I tried agin but I keep getting the same message and two days have gone by and still cant use my Ipad? Anyone else has this problem with his/her ipad 2? Anyone else who fixed it? Is apple working on it?

iPad 2, iOS 6
  • Techmadness Level 1 (30 points)

    i've just done the very same thing and have the same problem.

    will be walking it back to the Apple store tomorrow!

    (the wheels are already falling off the apple cart)

  • hotorange Level 1 (0 points)

    Theres no solution yet?  God It's so annoying my Ipad 2 is all useless now....

  • Extremelyupsetwithios6 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am replying to this post on behalf of my wife and her love for apple products..maybe not so much now, after I tell you this..last night she received the update to ios 6.1 message, and as soon as she clicked to update it started the process, after about 5 minutes the Ipad rebooted and the "connect to itunes" screen appeared on the ipad...i connected to itunes and as soon as I connected my Ipad it stated it was in recovery make a long story short I clicked restore and after 11 minutes it said "download not complete due to corrupt file/data" after hitting the forums i did what almost everyone said from doing it another 10 times to turning off virus I visit my local Apple store and hear this excuse..."during your download your WIFI must of lost connection and due to that the file on your IPAD is what do i do "well Im sorry to say but your Ipad is not going to recover and is now useless" My Ipad was 37 days over the warranty and will not be covered $250 replacement fee or a $400 paper weight..I never posted before in any forum whether Apple or sport related..but this is the biggest joke..I WILL NEVER buy another apple product again and they wonder why they are losing to android 3 to 1...I dont want hate mail or replies just saying please be careful when updating to new software or this will be your result...

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    re: Extremelyupsetwithios6


    I doubt that your iPad is "bricked" so to speak. I'm also surprised the store couldn't recover it.


    This article might help you get it up and going again:

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    Thank goodness I'm not the only one. I panicked and was trying to restore it many times,but it just wouldn't work. I got so flustered thinking that my iPad won't work again. So now I am going to go Apple and tell them about this. So I am not that relieved but relieved. Now my iPad is just sitting on my desk when I can be playing on it right now. I am sooo sad! Now I know that I won't update my iPad until I know this won't happen!

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    Zombi3g the Apple tech tried four times to recover it. The tech told me that was damaged beyond repair and replacement was the only option. She told me there are several scenarios that kill the device, but most likely there was interference or a break in my wi fi that killed it. I had no idea that a pause in wi fi during an update could permanently damage a device.  Well with that said I am not going to update unless I have a warranty.  I had to purchase a replacement (luckily she gave me a discount) and a extended warranty. I am so disappointed that I will be looking into Android for future purchases.

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    Everything same happened to me this morning!! I cant fix it

  • Techmadness Level 1 (30 points)

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  • Techmadness Level 1 (30 points)

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    I have the same problem. My IPAD 2 was an anniversary gift from my wife. She bought it 1 year and 10 days ago. So no warranty. This was also my first apple product. It appears it will also be my last Apple product. I have followed the restore instruction 4 times since it locked up last night durring the iOS 6.1 Update. This is a JOKE Apple!!! It's amazing I had always heard how great apple support was. Now they are acting like a cable company. "Not my fault".

  • Techmadness Level 1 (30 points)

    have you tried the firmware fix above?

    i've had to do this on all of the ipads at work today and so far they have all recovered properly.

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    YOU fixed my IPAD too Thank you so much


    You saved my time and money


    Also I used Icloud to get everything back, Everything is ok now..

  • Techmadness Level 1 (30 points)

    most welcome , spread the word so people don't go buying new devices

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    I have been on the phone to apple all day today at 50 per min!!! mine did this this morning and i get the currupt msg too

    im in the uk and dont have a mac pc but windows will this still work for me? thanks

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