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Seems that after a hiccup and a freeze that required a hard restart things have been going downhill.

Nothing but a gray screen after the restart and then had to start from an external drive.


Raid utility showed 2 of the 3 drives in the raid set as roaming but in good condition. The third drive that was associated with the raid set and in good condition, but the raid set itself wasn't viable. Guess this due to the other 2 drives roaming.


After reseating all the drives and the raid card then starting again, the raid utility now shows all three drives roaming but in good condition. There is no raid set defined.


Would I be able to just create a new raid set using those three drives and everything will be happy once again or will I lose data if I do this?


There isn't alot of information that I've found that pertains to this situation.


It also has the newer raid card.

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8)