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When I use the iCloud calendar on my iPhone 5 and make an event with a reminder set to "on time of event", it will sometimes just beep and flash a notice on lock screen for a few seconds and then the notice disappear from lockscreen.


Sometimes though, everything works as it should and the notice is still there on lockscreen till I unlock the screen (or the event is over).


All settings in notice center and mail/calendar is correct.


When I use google calendar it always works!


The problem was there from iOS 6.0 and is still there after update to 6.1


I have been in contact with apple support who couldn't find any help at the moment.


More people seem to have this according to this site: http://forums.imore.com/ios-6/244349-ios-6-calendar-reminder-issues.html

iPhone 5, iOS 6.1
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    Update: The problem occurs when I have connected my iCloud acount with calendar enabled on my iMac.


    It's like the iPhone 5 thinks I have seen the notice on my iMac and therefore removes it from the phone.


    This happens even if my iMac is locked/lockscreen.