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GarageBandKing Level 1 (0 points)

I have a 16GB iPad mini with wifi and I have two subscriptions on Newsstand.  I've already downloaded the latest issues when I was connected to my wifi at home.  I had hoped to be able to view my subscriptions while commuting to work, but every time I try to open a magazine, it tries to open and then just shuts down.  I don't seem to have this problem when I am at home or work and connected to wifi.  So I guess my question is, do I have to be connected to a wifi signal in order to read magazines that I've already downloaded?  This has never been the case with my 3rd generation iPad, so I find it hard to believe that this would change with the mini.  I'm almost certain that I was able to do this up until this week when I updated to iOS 6.1.


Does anyone have any insight into this?

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    EXACT same problem while at work (iPad 2 wifi only, though). I have always been able to download an issue of a magazine at home, then read it at work, until two days ago when I updated to iOS 6.1. Now when I open a magazine at work Newsstand closes up immediately. Clearly a fix is needed in iOS 6.1 & I'm guessing its on the way. We can't be the only ones!Not the end of the world but very frustrating.......

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    I'm having the same issue on an iPad Mini wifi only with a wired subscription. The main reason for me buying a mini was to view magazine subscriptsions I couldn't get on an android device. Some resolution would be nice.

  • GarageBandKing Level 1 (0 points)

    Same here - the main reason I bought the iPad mini was so I could read magazines on the train to work.  Without this feature, it's basically useless for me since I already have a full-sized iPad at home.  I hope Apple is aware of this problem and is hurrying to offer a solution.

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    Hi everyone,


    I had the same issue before but if you go to your App Store now and upgrade your apps (subscribed magazines), it should fix it right away! When the new iOS install to your device, sometimes it change the way the app display but just keep all your app up to the date, you should be fine.

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    When I go to the App Store, it doesn't show any updates for the magazine apps.

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    My magazine apps DID update. I will find out at work Monday if this fixed the problem. Sounds like it will though!

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    Exact same iPad exact same issue. This is a deal breaker for me.

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    For those people haven't able to access to their subscriptions, it's because whatever magazines haven't updated their app, you might wanna contact them directly. As for MrMpls, you can turn on your "airplane mood" to test if it works. Good luck everyone!

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    It is a major pain to contact each magazine separately. I wouldn't have done the IOS upgrade if I knew it would do this.  It is a major way I use my IPad. Taking a flight tomorrow without my reading. Very disappointed

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    Newsweek appears to be sitting on their thumbs with this problem.  Too bad they're an all digital magazine now.

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    I have SAME problem with my ipad mini

    I updated some magazines but they STILL DID NOT OPEN without wifi!

    I bought a mini so i can read my magazines, WHAT NOW?

    I think pieY is right, the magazine company HAS TO upgrade their versions too.

    I hope Apple is working on this.

    Im honestly ****** off coz we dont have wifi at my office. Cant read at home coz my son uses my Mini wen i get home.


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    Same problem here. Apple store here in Zurich even replaced my new iPad mini because they couldn't find what caused the problem of the crash. Annoying can't read my Magazines when travelling...

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    Same problem here with magazine subscriptions to New Yorker and Vanity Fair on iPad Mini and iPad 3 after iOS 6.1 upgrade- however no problems with newspaper subscriptions also on newsstand. Tried power off/on and settings/reset. Cannot access Apple Care phone support because I am traveling overseas. Any idea what Apple phone tech support is saying about this problem. Thanks.

  • Mark Lombard Level 1 (0 points)

    Just got a reply from AppleCare Support. According to the Apple development department the problem is with the publishers of the magazines and not Apple. Support staff recommends contacting the publishers...

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