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my ipad mini charge up to 91% then it stops charging, I disconnect the charger and plugs it back, it continues to charge to 100% . can anyone help me why is this happening ?

iPad, iOS 6.0.2
  • interpab Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I recently had an iPad mini replaced because it wasn't charging up above 89%. There do seem to a few instances of them not fully recharging. They had no issue at Apple about replacing my iPad for a new one but I'm concerned that the new one is having the same problem. I'm trying what you've said works with yours, the unplugging and then connecting up again, but I'm quite narked about paying so much money when there seems such a fundamental problem with the unit.

  • interpab Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    been on the phone to Apple and it seems with me, it could be a problem with the power adapter. They got me to connect the ipad to my mac and it charged no problem to 100%. They're sending out a replacement plug adapter. See how it goes.

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    Same symptoms and workaround here on the iPad Mini. iOS 6.1.2. Let's see how it goes. Didn't expect this fundamental problem on a Apple product. What happened?

  • interpab Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    The replacement adapter is working fine, have done a number of charges, all to 100%, with no problems. It could be worth trying the same thing. I initially had my iPad mini replaced and this didn't resolve the problem. After spending time setting it up, having to do the same with a second one could have been avoided by simply changing the power adapter!

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    yeah totally helped me. i changed my adapter and its all working fine now. thanks

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    I have changed to a new charger, but still charged to 90%.


    Do I need to do anything else besides a reset?


    To reset I held on to both the on/off button and home button until the apple logo appears then release both buttons.


    The charging problem still persist. But if i used my old ipad2 charger, it charges to 100% straight.

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    im having the same problem with you. I bought my ipad mini last month as soon as i open it my son use it a bit and then when its time to charge it wont charge to 100% stops at between 85-90%, i have to unplug then plug the adapter to charge it to full its very annoying, my friend bought one yesterday and guess what LOL same charging issues, my sister's friend bought 2 yesterday and guess what same charging issue.  My friend bought the 12w charger and it works from 1-100% no issues. The question is why should we buy 12w charger when our charger is still under warranty apple please RECALL all these 5w CHARGER, you know that there is something wrong with your 5w charger but why ship it, it will cause you double now to recall everything. As you can see 70% of the time all IPAD MINI charger dont have enough JUICe to charge from 1-100% without recycling the AC power. If you just bought your ipad mini say like 1 day ago and  experience this issue go and take back your ipad mini and better yet tell them replace the adaptor with a 12w one.