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So my book is at the editors and I wanted to start to look into publishing to iBooks. So from pages I exported to ePub and the final book looked terrible. So I went through all the forums and I have got to say that there is no step by step guide to accomplish this. So I put it out there to see if someone can help.

My book is all text, it has 18 chapters and countless page breaks. How can I make the ePub look and work like my pages? Lets start simple no HTML or PDF.


1. Should I open up a new pages document and set it up a certain way then copy paste from my original pages to this new pages. If so how should this be set up?

2. Is there a font that I should write in that will not make ePub bonkers

3. Page breaks... how do I keep these when exporting to ePub?

4. the Apple template to Export to ePub... I just don't understand how to use this... is there a step by step guide?


Lastly, I was very surprised this is so difficult to accomplish... sure Apple makes it simple to export to ePub but the final product is nothing like what I have in pages... so is there a program that I can use where tweaking is not nessesary?


Thanks to all for any help!

iBook, OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)