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I recently restored my copy of LogicPro 9 from a backup onto a new computer. I don't know if that has anything to do with the following problem. When I go to assign a software instrument to a track I get the following alert


Audio file “VI1_pizz_f_A#3.wav” not found!


Does anyone know what might have happened and how I might restore things?





  • Eriksimon Level 6 (12,125 points)

    What could have happened is that your Spotlight index is incomplete, unfinished or corrupted. EXS24 uses Spotlight to find samples.


    So try reindexing Spotlight. Apple > System Preferences > Spotlight, click the Privacy tab, add your startup disk to the list. Then select it and remove it again, using the "-" (minus) button. Close the prefpanel. Within 30 seconds or so OS X should start reindexing. This can take quite some time, you can find a progress bar when you click on the Spotlight icon:



  • julianharold Level 1 (20 points)

    Thank you for that Erik but unfortunately after re-indexing I am still getting the same messages.


    Would you have any other ideas?



  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    That file is part of the Garageband set of sounds... So make sure you have installed GB and downloaded it's additional content too.

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    GB of cource comes with the computer with its sounds and its certainly installed. I believe the sounds that I'm trying to access are part of the Jam Packs that come with Logic Pro. In particular the set named afer the symphony orchestra with all the strings, woodwinds, brass and so on. Interestingly I went looking for the sounds on my hardrive but cant find them. I went to the hidden library using the option key and the "go" menu. In Library I went to Application Support then to Logic then to Sampler Instruments and there is nothing in that folder. Cant see where else I might find them. But then I can't find any software insruments in GB's folders either.


    Any other suggestions?





  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    Yes, GB comes with the computer but did you also download it's additional content too? This content is NOT installed by default.


    The problem arises because some samples that come with Jam Packs.. also come with GB's additional content and so you must download that too for Logic  to find everything... (It's like a shared library made up of several sources..)


    To check for certain, once you have downloaded that additional content within GB...go to this link and download FindAnyFile



    (Download the version from this website and not the App Store version)


    Now search your system drive for pizz_f and you should find it somewhere on your system...


    If you don't find it then something else is going on... and you should probably call Apple... after making sure you did download ALL additional content in Logic and GB


    if you do find it then, try rebuilding GBs Loop Indexes... (which might seem strange but actually is a workaround fix for such issues in Logic as it does something else apart from loop indexes that seems to often fix this issue with Logic in the process!)



    Make sure you follow these instructions exactly as written and make sure Logic is not running when you do so.


    Upon completion of the rebuild. Restart your computer and then run Logic and see if that fixes it...

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    By the way, as you have probably gathered by now.. Restoring a Logic setup from backups is not the way to go, ever....


    It is much better to simply reinstall Logic (and GB for that matter) from scratch.... and then copy over your projects etc from your backups...


    Using Time Machine backups is fine if both computers are identical... but otherwise. NO...


    Using Migration Assistant for Logic is also a big No No... unless again, the two computers involved are identical models..  There are just too many issues and variables in doing so.. that can arise later. Things normally related to different/dupicate user accounts.. which cause everything from permissions issues and files not being found.. such as you are describing...  and also there are differences in where data is stored in different OS again, Installing from scratch (including all your third party plugins and libraries) and then copying over your projects etc.. is the only safe and reliable method to use.

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    My god what a can of worms! So it would seem it was the restoring process that has messed everything up.


    Well.....for a start I don't know how to install additional content within GB. When I run GB I don't see anything that would take me to additional content and I can't find anything at the App store etiher.


    If you still have some patience for helping me perhaps you could explain to me how to download this additional content. Or would it be better just to download a whole new version of Logic Pro 9 (providing I can do it without paying another fee)??


    Many many thanks,



  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    If GB is not telling you to download additional content when you go to select certain loops then you have already installed them somehow... It tells you when you select a greyed out loop in the loop browser.


    Frankly, though it's a pain in the butt...what I would recommend is the following.. which is start again from scratch.


    Make sure you have all your personal projects and other data such as docs saved...


    Then start up your Mac holding down option and R (This is to put the Mac in Recovery mode...)


    Here is the support doc for Recovery Mode if you are unsure about anything...



    Use the Disk utility to erase the HD


    Install Mountain Lion on that fresh drive


    Go through the setup for ML using your Apple ID and Password when asked...


    Install/.Run GB from the App Store under the purchased tab... (You won't have to buy it or Logic again..)


    Open the loop browser in GB and select a greyed out loop (if there are any.. in some circumstances all GB content is installed during initial setup/installation of GB) and it should ask you if you wish to download the additional content.. Do so.


    Now restart your Mac (Important step) and wait about 20 minutes for Spotlight to finish reindexing your system drive (equally important!) You can check if spotlight is done by moving your mouse pointer over spotlight's icon in the menu bar and it will tell you it's current status...


    Now go to the App Store and under purchased tab select and reinstall Logic Pro


    Once installed run Logic and go to the Logic Pro Menu bar and under Logic pro select Download Additional Content and select ALL Content...




    Once that is all downloaded and installed... quit Logic and restart your Mac.. and wait again for about 30 minutes for Spotlight to finish it's indexing of all the new content... Do not start Logic again until after this rebuild has finished...


    Now install any 3rd party plugins and libraries...


    Start Logic in 32bit mode to validate any 32bit plugins you may have...


    Quit Logic...


    Start Logic in 64bit mode... and you should be set to go!


    Note: It is really important to follow these steps in exactly in this order without missing any out.. to ensure the best results I have found.


    Good luck!

  • julianharold Level 1 (20 points)

    Thank you so much for all of that!


    I'm guessing that that is what I shall do. Scary though it all is.


    And after having installed a fresh OX and a frest Logic and GB and the rest of the other apple apps I have following your instructions could I then do a migration from the time machine back up excluding the aforementioned applications. Will the migration assistant allow me to exclude certain apps?


    Just checking,


    Thanks again

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    For any Apps i would reinstall them manually... Don't use MA at all....


    Just make a backup (by this I mean drag and drop to a folder or folders on an external HD or large thumb drive) of your personal data, docs, Logic projects, music etc.. and place those back afterwards manually again...


    Any Apps you bought via the App Store, you can download for free again via the purchased tab and any you bought/downloaded  elsewhere, if you have the installers in your downloads folder then save them out at the same time as your personal data backups.. and reinstall from scratch later, once you get Logic up and running... Otherwise, simply download them again from their respective websites..


    Make sure you have copies of any serial codes you may need to achieve this...

  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    As to why I wouldn't use MA at all....


    MA, in the process of restoring things, also carries over other data files from your old setup.. much of which may well be older or different than the versions that are already installed as part of OS X... or the newer versions of your Apps that you will be installing..  Basically, you end up with a load of unused/older/different stuff that can, under certain circumstances, cause conflicts or issues later.. Best to just start afresh and that way your system is as 'clean' as possible...


    I know some people may not agree with this view, but in my experience... and from the many posts here and elsewhere.. MA can and often does, cause more issues than it resolves in the long term... especially in respect to Logic...hence my advice and method...

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    Hello again,


    I contacted Apple as I am still under warantee and have a quick fix for the problem. Rather than starting again from scratch which I was loath to do they had me open Logic and in the Logic Pro menu select "download additional content" That gave me a window which showed the various jam pack instrument libraries and although all of them were indicated as being installed I selected them and could thereby reinstall them again from that window.


    So.......I am at least now able to use the files which were unavailable. I just have to cross my fingers that there wont be any other problems associated with using the Migration Assisstant. If so then I will take your advice and start clean.


    Thaks again for all your input.



  • The Art Of Sound Level 6 (11,735 points)

    Ah... that is what I meant earlier by


    If you don't find it then something else is going on... and you should probably call Apple... after making sure you did download ALL additional content in Logic and GB


    Anyhow, glad to hear you got it working now and that it was a much easier fix than starting again from scratch..



  • julianharold Level 1 (20 points)

    Absolutely, and I would never have got there without you.


    Cheers indeed!



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