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    Here's a very weird work-around that has seemed to help. I send myself a "Test" email (probably any Subject line would work). This morning, I sent it at about 11am, it finally went through at 1430 and now my computer can access the web. Same thing yesterday.


    We have Time Capsule and I'm getting suspicious that the problem is compatibility between that and the OS upgrades. At one point, my wife's Mac laptop wasn't connecting via wireless. Disconnected the Time Capsule and plugged direct into the modem and got immediate internet access. I've got an old wireless router and this weekend I may hook it up to see if the problem recurs, ie is it any wireless communication or just Time Capsule.


    Of course, in the meantime, I've just turned off iPhone5's wireless function while at home with the Time Capsule. Note that in Austin with other wireless networks it's working great.

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    I dont know if this will help anyone - not really a solution but possible cause, in the UK I use talktalk as my isp & have been struggling for days trying to find out what the problem is,  just finally figured out its a talktalk problem, could perhaps be a similar problem with other isps,  see


    Finally worked this out after testing a spare router at home which also didnt allow me to connect then I tried various friends wifi networks who I knew werent with the same isp and had no problems on their networks

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    Still having the same problem. No reply from Apple. Very disappointed. This is the first time in 5 years since have been using iPhone that I have had a bug, and that remains unresolved after so many posts and anguish.

    Apple wake up before its too late.. All of us made you big and all of us will take you down


    Anand Agarwal

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    Well, here we are several months/releases since the original post and apparently the issue has not yet been resolved.  I JUST got off the phone with Apple support.  I provided info on how my 3 iPhone 5's and one iPad 2 will NO LONGER work on my Airport Express 5th Gen using 802.11n only 5GHz--however, my two MacBook Pros and two iMacs (one 2007  and the other 2012 model) work just fine on the same 802.11n-only, 5GHz network/radio.  The second radio on the same Airport Express (configured as 802.11b/g @2.4GHz) works fine with all my devices. 


    I didn't really notice the issue with the iPhone/iPad (IOS) devices until the version before 6.1.2 (not sure what that was), but if my IOS device (my iPhone) was connected to my 802.11n network, an app update from the App store would freeze the update process while only partially complete, and would not complete (no matter how long I waited) until I changed the device's network connection over to the other (802.11b/g) connection where the active app updates would resume/complete.


    Apple support has taken all this info (noting that all involved devices are at the latest software/firmware and that I'm running everything at the recommended settings) and has added to the active case of "IOS and WiFi issues".  I'm crossing my fingers that they will resolve this ASAP...especially since there is NO option to roll back to a previous version of IOS (I asked, and support told me there was no way to do it).


    C'mon Apple! ...don't let us down!!  Get this resolved quickly please!

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    my ipad2 is having wifi issue post upgrade to 6.1.2. i need to stand very near to my router (within 2 feets) for the ipad2 pick up any signal. i took to the authorized service center (maple, india) and they said it is a hardware issue!


    waitng for solution on this.  I was expecting better fixes from apple..

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    My iPad 4's wifi isn't working properly after my upgrade to iOS 6.1, I was hoping it will be fixed with the 6.1.2 update but nothing's changed. My wifi drops every 3-5 seconds and most of times, it won't even connect.


    Hey Apple, we are being shortchanged here. Whatever happened to this company? This is a total screw up.

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    Problem solved!

    Sent iPhone for repair and they give me a new one that works flawless.

    Thanks Apple!

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    I had wifi issue since upgrade to 6.1.2.  Went to Apple and they recommended:  Go to Wifi to your network, press Forget network, turn power off router for minute or two.   Then turn router back on and ipad should automatically reset itself .  It worked for me

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    Iphone 4 wifi working again   

    After trying EVERYTHING, this last post of smj6 was 100% simple and effective, amazing!!!


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    I recommend to anyone who is having issues with their Wifi or Bluetooth to go to his/her local Apple store and get a replacement phone.  I just went to one in the Houston Galleria and they replaced the phone for me free of charge (a total shocker as I was told by the Apple support a few days ago that I was s.o.l. given that the warranty on my phone had just ran out).  I am done with any updates now and will keep the phone the way it is until my contract with my carrier runs out in 10 mos. Good luck everyone!

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    Iphone 4s with 6.1.  Yesterday it would not connect to my home network.(Could see only a faint network signal but not connect)  Today it would not connect to my work network so i went to the mac store.  They did a reset and a full erase and now wifi is completely dead--the area is grey.  They would not replace the phone as it is out of warranty.  My options were to buy another phone for $199 or live with it til I am eligible for a new phone in June.


    I chose to live with it as I have unlimited data but I am now hosed as I cannot restore from icloud without wifi.


    This is maddening that Apple cant fix this!

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    Good News!  Apple finally agreed to replace my ipad.  new ipad is working fine with no wifi signal loss. Thanks apple!

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    Was it still under guarantee?  Did you go to Apple Regent St?

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    Yep, same problem here.

    Updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 6.1.2 and imediately had problem. But slightly different to that reported by most others.

    The wifi no longer will display any of the SSID of available networks.

    Can enter the SSID and PWD manually and it connectes and shows, but previously known networks wont show and SSID of new networks are not detected.


    This is definitely an iOS 6.1.2 issue.

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    I have an iPhone5 which constantly drops connection to my home network or is extremely slow. My android devices all connect as does my wife's iPhone 4.  I am in the UK and my ISP is TalkTalk/AOL, is anyone else having this specific issue with TalkTalk and iPhone 5?