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  • Soporifix Level 1 (0 points)

    iPhone 4S cannot even see network. iPad 3 can see it, sometimes can log in, sometimes drops it and cannot log in. MAcBook on same network, no problem. Other computers, no problem. Brother's iPhone 5, no problem. Nothing helps -- not reset, not restart, etc etc.

  • neilrich61 Level 1 (0 points)

    i have an iphone 4s on 6.1.3, ever since i updated the software i have had problems connecting to my home wifi and also public wifi, signal keeps dropping at home cannot join public wifi at all, my son and wife both have iphones (4s and 3gs) and they have no problems, after looking at discussion forums on the web it seems that im not the only one with this problem. COME ON APPLE SORT THIS PROBLEM OUT

  • IndigoGL Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here! Iphone 4S. iOS 6.1.3. WiFi intermitent... when I connect to a WiFi network, I lose the connection after a few minutes (sometimes hours), then WiFi shows as if no network was available.


    Only workaround is to reset network settings everytime this happens. Then, the same loop again... I have WiFi connectivity for a short while before losing it again.



  • remoteONE Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes similar problem here. I was hoping Apple may have fixed this in iOS 6.1.3 , but sadly, no.

    Its quite unbelievable that Apple would let this problem go on for so long.

    The network is sometimes found, sometimes not.




  • Mr.Mistry Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm having he same experience as many others but I just wanted to share the 100% useless customer service experience I had with apple. I have an iPad 2 and after the recent software upgrade it will not even see my home router unless I'm within 10 ft. I have reset the router and restored the network settings, searched online for a solution but nothing seems to work. I also have an ipad1 and a iPhone 4S and both work fine. So I figured I should at least try and speak to apple to find a fix. I spoke to a 'genius' but no solution, he simply told me to called apple care. I called, spoke to a rep who wanted to charge me $19 to speak to a technician, after some push back she waived the charge. I then spent about 3 mins on the phone to a tech who basically denied all knowledge of the issue and simply told me that the device was out of warranty and sorry. SERIOUSLY! Are you kidding?? I'm left with an $800 paper weight and a really strong urge never to buy another apple product again. They know there's a problem, but as soon as they admit it hey have to fix it. There are a lot of disappointed people out there and lots of alternative products. If this is the way threat their customers no wonder the stock price is falling. Come on apple, do the right thing!

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    Hey everyone ^_^!!!


         OK I have iPhone 4S on 6.0.3 (version software doesn't change anything at this point) and I just tryed to put it in the fridge (about 10 mins) and it did work...!!! (for like 20mins or so but it worked!)


    ---> Wifi works when i start the device and stop after few seconds.

    ---> This is the only reason I see : overheating something.


    Doing reset internet settings, iTunes recover, blablabla is part of the SOFTWARE troubleshooting section and if it works for you, great! But if this DOESN'T WORK and you have to put your phone in the **** fridge I don't call this a software problem loool 


    And I am clearly not the only one experiencing this physical (hardware) WiFi issue. There are a lot of posts about that since the 3gs. And I'm pretty sure a 950$ device from such a strong and great company shouldn't be needing 10 mins in the fridge to work properly even if it's a beast and technology is so great... I think.


    Logically, the minimum would be to do a sort of recall or repair of thoses Apple failed production pieces... for the first time I am considering to move to another platform... I'm pretty sad of Apple service. I hope they do something about that one day, but I doubt. But who knows. Who knows!!


    Good luck with that!

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