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My wife's iphone 4S randomly deleted all contacts on it's own yesterday.  All other data is present.  We backed up the phone two weeks ago, but when I went to restore backup I received an error message and it did not work.  I did a google search and all I can come up with is the WonderShare program (http://www.wondershare.com/disk-utility/recover-deleted-iphone-contacts-without- backup.html).  I did run the trial version of that and it found my back up file and listed all of the missing contacts.  Unfortunately, that program costs $79.  I can't afford that.


Is there a way to get these contacts off of the back up file without using the official "Restore backup" function in iTunes?


Unfortunately, because this is my wife's phone, she was not set up with iCloud and the contacts are not there either.  Also, she is using iOs 5.1.1


Thank you so much.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1
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    Also, her contacts are not on the local PC so I can't just import them again.  The only location they were in was the iPhone.

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    If the contacts were not being synced with a cloud service or contact manager on the computer she synced with, they are likely gone. Contact information is only part of the backup to preserve the recent calls list and favorites list.


    There is 3rd party software that claims to be able to extract contact information from backups, but I can't vouch for how good a job it does and I suspect at least part of the information will be missing.


    If the $79 program that seems to licate the information is too much for you, then she will have to re-enter them from whatever sources she has available to her. This time, it would be wise to set up iCloud contact syncing.

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    Ok thanks for your help.  It just seems like if this program can pull up all the contacts from the file (which it can, because it lists them and their associated phone numbers), it seems like there should be a way to extract the info myself.

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    Actually, I was able to get the "Restore from backup" function to work on my third try.  I think the problem with the first two attempts was that the phone was too full.  I deleted about 5GB of data and then tried to restore it again and it worked.



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