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    If your device is not jail-broken , The first choice for you is to use iTunes.


    Maybe you can have a try.


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    so i conected the iphone to the pc and itunes opened, then i added music to my itunes library, then i did the sync, but now my iphone shows the songs i have but none of them play on it, also on itunes it shows they are on my iphone but i can't get them to play.

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    Thanks for the answers... but this cannot be right. The advice of drag and drop does not work in Windows (apparently the method has not been implemented in iTunes). I followed the advice to add files via File > Add File to Library (CTL+O), and I cannot add folders to my iPhone. Apparently I have to add individual files on the same folder. I have hundreds of folders with music... (if you digitize all you CDs, do you put 30,000+ files on a single folder?) It would take hours to add my music to my iPhone, but this action should be doable in jsut a few operations. This method of adding only individual files cannot possibly be right; I refuse to believe a that a minimally competent team of programmers would choose this method. I must be missing something... but I cannot find the way. Does anybody know how to add the content of multiple folders at a time?


    EDIT:  I know that there is an option File > Add Folder to Library. That works. But the songs are not in the iPhone... I discovered the menu "Sync Music", which is not checked, but if I check it, I get the warning "Are you sure you want to remove existing music...?" I do not want to erase anything from my iPhone, I just want to add files to it... why is this so complicated?

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    In Windows, find the parent folder of your music. Using Windows Explorer drag the parent folder and drop it on iTunes. Add to Library on the File menu also allows you to open the parent folder.


    New topic. An iPhone can only sync with one computer. Period. If you try to sync with a different computer than the one you previously synced to all of the iTunes content from the first computer will be deleted and replaced with content from the newest computer. In other words, all of the music, videos and apps that you want on your iPhone must be on the same computer.

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    So, I tried the Sync option with "Selected palylists...", and it deleted all the music already in my iPhone.


    What kind fo severelly mentally undepowered programmers and project managers Apple hire to implement the gateway to their flagship product? iTune's functionality is unacceptably unfriendly.  How difficult is it to implement music storage as a file system?


    I was simply trying to put music files in a mobile device... Android allows me to do it seamlessly, Windows phones allow me to do this as well; heck, even a Blackberry has this functionality. How come Apple has not figured this out?  I guess most Apple users do not have MP3 files they want to upload in their phones. No wonder other mobile devices are getting the largest share of the market. I will have to change too.

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    Lawrence, thanks so much for your response. WHAT YOU SUGGEST DOES NOT WORK. I can only explain this as a faulty version control in iTunes. You and I have different programs,and probably both of us have the "latest".

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    You guys just don't get it, all I see here is "install itunes" for the easiest way to

    transfer  music or anything else.


    Now how much worst would it be to be able to use our iphone just like a

    usb pen drive by plugging the iphone cable into iphone and computer then

    computer opens an explorer window and we see the contents of the iphone

    music/photos/videos and other user files?


    After doing that we would be able to drag/drop music files back and forth from

    our computer to iphone or vica versa just like when we use a flash drive and

    just like we can do on any android or windows cell phone.


    That way it would be just as easy as copying files from one hard drive to

    another which any novice could do without needing any help or explanation.


    Doing it that way we would not be tied down to itunes which to an average novice

    user looks like something which is super complex and not user friendly at all.


    I am not saying that itunes does not work, it does but it makes things 1000 times

    more difficult to do then it has to.


    Why should iphone users be tied down to itunes when all the android and windows

    phones do not require any kind windows or Mac applications simply for copying files?


    Why do you think there is so many 3rd party iphone ixplorer and other apps which

    people can use as a substitute for itunes?

    If itunes was so great there would be  no need for any.


    Just my thoughts, but who am I to say anything......... 

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    You use iTunes because there is much more to it than just dragging files. if you dragged files you would have no albums, no playlists, no search, no Genius, no ability to store content in the cloud and download it on demand. iTunes does a lot more than just copy files. For example, if you buy an album in iTunes it can automatically be downloaded to your phone.


    For most people iTunes is simple; you have music in your iTunes library, you check the music you want on your phone and you click Sync. Is that difficult?


    To put music in your library if it wasn't purchased from iTunes you select the files and drag them to the iTunes screen. iTunes installs them in the library, indexes them, and, if they are ripped from CDs, looks them up in the Gracenote database and adds track and album labels. Or you can just use iTunes to rip the CDs in the first place.


    iTunes also backs up your phone, syncs contacts, calendar, notes, email settings, browser bookmarks. And it does all of this with the click of one button.

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    Completely agree with you. It is nerve rackingly impossible to transfer songs individually, unless you are willing to sync- which deletes all your existing music on your phone.

    Ridiculous to say the least, no wonder Apple/stock is in the doldrums. Serves them right for being underhanded and sly with their products.

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    I feel like tearing my hair out, I've tried all sorts of different combinations, still music wont tranfer/sysnc to my phone, tried all the steps in the replies, but to no avail grrrrr

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 (35,063 points)

    As this appears to be your first post I have no context for your issue. But I will try to give instructions for transferring content from your computer to your iPhone. If it doesn't work please tell us what step failed. Also tell us what computer and OS you have, and what model iPhone.

    1. Install the latest version of iTunes (11.1.3) if you don't already have it, which you can get from
    2. Log in to your Apple ID/iTunes account in iTunes on the Store menu.
    3. Authorize iTunes to the account if it isn't already. The easiest way to do this is to double click on any song purchased from iTunes. If it plays it is already Authorized. If it isn't you will be prompted to Authorize it.
    4. On your iPhone, go to Settings/iTunes&App Stores. Log in to the same Apple ID if it isn't already.
    5. Connect your iPhone to your computer with an Apple USB cable. Use a USB 2 or USB 3 port directly on your computer, not to a USB hub unless the hub has its own power supply plugged into the wall. If your computer is a desktop or tower case use a port on the back, not the front (front ports on most computers are an unpowered hub hidden internally).
    6. After a few seconds your iPhone's name should appear in iTunes. If you don't see it choose Show Sidebar fron the iTunes View menu. If you still don't see your iPhone go to and resolve this problem before continuing.
    7. Click on the name of your iPhone in iTunes.
    8. Look at the Summary screen, and uncheck "Manually manage music and videos" if it is checked.
    9. Click on the Music tab at the top of the screen.
    10. You should see a list of all of the music in your iTunes library. Select the music you want on your iPhone.
    11. Click Sync.


    As an alternative to step 10, create a playlist in iTunes called "My iPhone" or a similar name. Drag all of the music from your music library that you want on the phone into this playlist. Then go back to step 9 and select only this playlist to sync. To update the music on your phone in the future just add or remove from the playlist and click Sync again.

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    I agree, JBGM— I come home to visit my parents, try to use their computer to import an audio cd I own....and I can't transfer the songs with iTunes because this isn't "my" itunes library. I even tried logging into iTunes on their computer.


    Used Mac computers since the iMac was first introduced in 1998-1999. Love the computers, but cannot WAIT to switch to an Adroid phone. At least I'll know I need to download a 3rd party application to do this...instead of struggling with itunes for 30 minutes. Defeats the whole purpose of an iPhone.


    Fortunately for Apple, my entire family goes with my tech recommendations...and eventually they'll switch too.


    I hope Apple reads this.

  • Phil Meagher Level 1 (80 points)

    I should also add that I have authorized their computer to work with my phone. Ultimate soliution was to create a playlist in Spotify and then go on my phone and allow it to work offline.

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    Hi Lawrence,


    I have similar problem when tranbsferring my latest music from iTunes on my PC to my iPhone.


    FYI, I have subscribed to iTunes match, yet my latest songs (which appear on my iTunes music library on the PC) aren't transferred to my iPhone.


    When I tried to do what you suggested, step 10 was a problem since under the music tab of iTines, all my music folders etc. are not here.  I get a notice saying that iTunes Match is on, yet my latest songs are still not synced to my iPhone.  What should I do?


    FYI, i use iPhone 5S with the latest iOS and the latest version of iTunes.

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