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When I accidentally disconnected my iPod touch 4G during an update yesterday, it automatically went into recovery mode (the screen with the USB cable pointing up towards an iTunes logo). Now it won't turn off, it is recognised by neither my laptop nor by iTunes, it won't even go into DFU, so there's absolutely no way, as far as I can tell, to fix it. I've looked all over the internet, and the only other person I can find who has experienced a similar problem hasn't received an answer in about a year. (https://discussions.apple.com/message/17278012?searchText=iPod%20touch%204G%20st uck%20in%20recovery%20mode-%20won't%20even%20go%20into%20DFU#17278012https://dis cussions.apple.com/message/17278012?searchText=iPod%20touch%204G%20stuck%20in%20 recovery%20mode-%20won't%20even%20go%20into%20DFU#17278012)

/message/17278012?searchText=iPod touch 4G stuck in recovery mode- won't even go into DFU#17278012https://discussions.apple.com/message/17278012?searchText=iPod touch 4G stuck in recovery mode- won't even go into DFU#17278012This is the first time I've had any issues like this, and my iPod isn't jailbroken, so I don't see why it should have happened at all, but its really driving me round the bend. Any help would be much appreciated.

iPod touch, Windows 7