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Hi there.


I recently had a bit of trouble with my very old MacBook where the hard drive failed. This led to me installing a new one, which was a major struggle as my optical drive only works once out of every 100th attempt! Regardless of this I managed to boot up via the disc after many tries and decided that I'll restore from my very handy Time Machine backup. This took a while but it's not a problem, that's life! Once it finished the restore process everything looked like it was going to work as if nothing ever happened, as all of the computer's original user accounts were visible at the log in screen. I logged in to my personal user account and the background images, desktop icons and dock all loaded up but as everything was still loading up it decided to log me out.


This happens every single time I try to log into this particular account and I cannot seem to figure out what the problem could be. It just logs me out after 10 seconds without giving a single indication of why it's doing this. I've tried verifying and repairing permissions and all that jazz (I'm not particularly good with computers) but without any luck.


Re-installing S.Leopard is not an option for me as I cannot sit here for 3 more hours trying to get the cd drive to recognise the disc. I'd rather run the laptop over with a truck before going through that again!


The MacBook is a mid 2006 model.

Core Duo 1.86ghz

2gb ram

(New)160gb 7200rpm hard drive


Old enough to be vintage, haha.


Thanks for checking this out and I really appreciate any help you guys can offer!



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8)