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[To use OneStep DVD, connect your digital video camera to your computer using a FireWire cable. Then turn on your camera and make sure it's in VCR mode.Click OK and insert a blank disc. OneStep DVD rewinds the tape, imports your video, and burns it to a DVD.]


Yes BUT- I want to create one step DVD by connecting my Iphone 4 S to my mackbook 2009 10.6.8 version.I want to get the recordings of my short video clips onto a DVD. Is this possible?would it be the same instructions as above but Iphone Camera mode?HELP/

Or maybe I should get my neighbors 10 year old boy over to do this for me? ha!


The instructions on One step DVD are great BUT  I don't  have a digital video camera only the camera in my Iphone.

I need to get the videos off my phone to get more space again.



from sunny San Diego

Sandy Eggo


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    I need to get the videos off my phone to get more space again


    Open iPhoto on your Mac and connect your iPhone.  Then iPhoto will import your photos and videos. Then you can manually delete the videos from your iPhone or let iPhoto delete all of the photos and videos from your iPhone and add the photos back to the Phone via an album and iTunes syncing.


    Or, launch Image Capture, connect your iPhone and selectively download to where ever you'd like and erase just the videos from your iPhone using your iPhone.